Apocalypse then appears, activating a bomb inside the Harbinger which would destroy all of New York, but Cable manages to prevent this disaster. He was taught in the philosophy that the tribe lives and dies by: survival of the fittest. When Legion went into the past to kill Magneto, his battle with the X-Men was spied in on by Apocalypse, still in hiding at that point in time. [28] Following the genetic manipulation of Caliban, Apocalypse declines an alliance with the Asgardian villain Loki and other villains conspiring to unleash "Acts of Vengeance". Apocalypse makes several appearances throughout the series, attempting to destroy and remake the "corrupt" and "weak" world in his own image. All of his horsemen died preserving him. In a 2011 interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Simonson explained that when the X-Factor series was created, the original five X-Men were pulled out of the purview of Chris Claremont, who was writing The Uncanny X-Men. Following the events of Days of Future Past, Xavier has re-opened his school for Gifted Youngsters and resumed taking-in mutant kids in need of safe haven. Formerly Blue. 90 Day Fiancé: What's the Tell All Drama Between Tom Brooks & Avery Warner? By this time, Apocalypse's body had grown feeble; he becomes aware of the young Nathan's presence in this time. Because of this, Apocalypse is capable of altering his body at will in almost anyway that suits him allowing him to adapt to almost any adversity, environment, or disease making him not need nor requires any kind of sustenance such food, water or air and can allow him to stay in outer space and can gain almost any physical superhuman powers such as turning his arms and other limbs into a variety of various types of weapons and devices such as blades, swords, axes, lances, hammers, shields, maces, saws, tentacles, machine drills as well as plasma cannons and guns with bullets, and with other parts of his body, this also includes forming working mechanical wings or rocket propelled booster jets in order for him to fly. Those people acting as Death were Archangel, Caliban, Gambit, and Wolverine. Apocalypse is confronted by his centuries-old foe, Ikaris, who now is a Prime Eternal. Genesis is admitted as a student to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, where his classmates notice his resemblance to Apocalypse. Apocalypse was interested in this group of mutants and had studied them, monitored their activities and researched their origins and motives after learning of Professor Xavier and the X-Men. He hides himself as a slave in Tut's city, where he has visions of Egyptian gods who reveal his great destiny. [101] In this universe, his son is Holocaust. Three different actors have played three different versions of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops in the X-Men movies. Apocalypse organized a massive destructive agenda, including: conquering Japan, Wakanda and Atlantis; destroying half of South America and Central America with a nuclear attack. The ensemble picture delivered Fox's biggest X-Men payday to date - and set the stage for a new chapter, and the recasting of several fan-favorite characters, with X-Men: Apocalypse. Apocalypse learns of Sinister's intention to create an adversary powerful enough to destroy him; Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor. Col. William Stryker is in charge of the Weapon X program and he has tormented Wolverine for decades while he was played by three different actors. • James McAvoy as Charles Xavier / Professor X: A pacifist mutant and the world's most powerful telepath, who is the founder of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and leads the team of mutants known as the X-Men, in order to protect humankind and battle against the deadly enemy within. In Cable's timeline, Apocalypse had become so powerful and advanced, that transferring his consciousness into new bodies periodically became a necessity as his immense powers would cause him to exhaust host bodies. He commanded Angel to kill as he is weak, but he refuses to do so and only gave him pieces of his metallic wing. But he leaves Apocalypse to die alone. He would eventually turn up dead in his cell with his tee shirt lodged in his throat. Apocalypse launches an attack at San Francisco, using a mentally controlled Deviant, Karkas, now a gigantic monster, that the Eternals are forced to battle.

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