The screenplay is pretty fast-paced but the story feels contrived. My 20th movie of the year. In some part, he gives a simple acting. The movie was highly praised for its direction, screenplay and noteworthy performance by Kangana Ranaut. The story is well told by the young director, Mohit Suri, which also has successful movies like Zeher and Kalyug behind him. today,i just watched this movie.such a good romantic and sad movie seen after a long time.i just loved every moment of the movie.the movie is a epitome of true love shown by "shiny ahuja",he has done a superb acting,he made me cry in the end.he is a versatile actor,his bond with "kangana ranaut" was ultimate.the song "bin tere"is a real melody come straight from the heart.i would rate this movie 9 because i dint find anything wrong.superb cast,excellent music,fantastic acting.what we need after this.really its a movie who has loved someone and lost it.the movie starts with a rape scene which can be avoided,but kangana ranaut manages her role perfectly whenever she has to modulate.songs were really good,the best part of all the songs are timing,they have really come at the right time.i would definitely watch again. I imagine that Babi's life was far more tormented than portrayed in the film. But the star of the show, the film’s biggest strength is undoubtedly Shiney Ahuja who makes his presence felt in every single scene that he’s in. Read Woh Lamhe 2006 movie User reviews. If you've ever interacted with Parveen Babi, even briefly, you'd see a replica of the glamorous star in Kangana. She deserved to bag an award for Woh Lamhe but she just had an debutant award. Let it also be noted that this is Bhatt's second telling of his life with Babi (he also made the 1982 film 'Arth' which was semi-autobiographical about his life with the actress). | well i loved each and every song and its picturisation in the flim. In the second half, when Sana stabs Aditya on her birthday night is a spine chilling sequence. Shiny, though gives a competent performance, but I wont rate it at par with Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi. Comparing Pooja Bhatt to Kangana, you may feel disappointed, but in her own way, Kangana has tried very hard. Check out Bollywood Hungama movie user reviews for Woh Lamhe 2006 at Bollywood Hungama. it is also perhaps one of those rare Indian movies where the villain is not over dramatic... basically i could not come to a conclusion as to who is the villain. The songs echo nostalgic melodies of the 90s and I particularly liked 'Sau Jawoon Mein'. Kangana looks good in the movie. So far, I think not! Shaad Randhawa, impresses in a negative role. Loosely inspired by the life of 70's and 80's movie star Parveen Babi, the film explores a strained, passionate, and complex relationship between an egotistical, disturbed actress and a promising film director. WHEN I THINK ABOUT WO LAMHE,ONLY ONE WORD CUMS TO MY MIND "AWESOME". Gereat Movie! OVERALL,A WORTH WATCH MOVIE FOR EVERYONE TO LEARN SOMETHING FRM LIFE. The film brought back Shiny Ahuja and Kangana after GANGSTER the same year. the movie keeps you involved through out except for the end where i feel the sudden shift in time had to be explained.... what happened to Sana (show girl)and her lover during the time gap!. Woh Lamhe feels, sounds, talks, and walks like a Bollywood romantic film. I committed the same error as to check out some reviews and i got comments like "I was surprised that bollywood can produce such a movie" "you had better be in a serious mood to appreciate the film".. Ahuja playing a director, who first uses the star to be successful and then against his better judgement falls in love with her and tries to save her from herself, is superbly restrained. This film deftly covers the subject of how one deals with personal ambitions and portrays a harrowing look into the condition of paranoid schizophrenia. He is excellent as the work seem on the film.

!But Sana committed suicide in a hotel room and she was brought to hospital & it was clear that she committed suicide then why was it told in news that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It starts off superbly though the panty scene could be avoided, yet otherwise the love story is smoothly narrated, the breakdown scenes are awesome, the second half does drag a bit but yet the scene when Kangana finds a bug in their room is awesome, The climax too is awesome but there are flaws like it's not explained what happened to Sana after running away? Despite committed, endearing performances, "Woh Lamhe" directed by Mohit Suri and written by Shagufta Rafique, fails to captivate up to the potential offered by its premise. "kangana" plays the actress and "shiney" the director the love for each other and the affection they share will be amazing.their on screen chemistry was very good the way it is picturised is outstanding. Woh Lamhe (that moment) is about an actress who is often the subject of controversy and her inevitable downward spiral. Pritam knows his job well. I didn't know whether it was in mockery or seriousness.. to put any such confusions to rest .Its def a great movie a general "hollywoodish " feel permeates through out,but its a bollywood entertainer.and what other scenario is better than bollywood itself.we have beautiful actresses,parties and a cynical upcoming director and his sidekick and we have philandering egoistic actors.. ...Its a beautiful love story though one expects a kind of a different story after hearing shiny say "My dear,don't expect anything from me" Kangana as the schizophrenic actress is a natural..and shiny is no less though his underplaying is sometimes a little unnatural but most of the times a relief...its a simple love story set in exotic conditions,just a simple love story and as always it strikes a chord. The story based on Mahesh Bhatt and Praveen Babi, it's full of moments with will make cry to all viewers. ?Why didn't the public react to it?? woh lamhe is no cinematic experience or a bollywood extravacanza. I dont know whether the plot is based on a real life story or not, but its an interesting plot and Mohit has presented it in the most convincing fashion.

Film Critic Taran Ardash also praised the lead performances stating “WOH LAMHE rests on two power-packed performances: Kangana and Shiney.

?Nowadays stars do anything & they r caught by fans and media to give answer to all those things but never did Sana was asked for that act in public so openly?????????? ALL IN ALL A VERY VERY VERY GOOD MOVIE, WORTH WATCHING. Bhatt said that it is his tribute to the actress and time he spent with her, hence the name Woh Lamhe... ("Those Moments"). Last night my friends dragged me from my office to…. External Reviews There is yet another movie from the Bhatt-camp, which not turns out to be a flop. Well,the movie was Superb performance of Kangana and the music was fantastic and too melodious! As Aditya waits outside of the ICU, praying to be reunited with her, he is hurled back into the perfumed days and champagne nights of his memory, when Sana played the role of a lover and mentor to a struggling Aditya. with some intense performance…. Thumbs up, by Nikhil Kumar, Apun Ka Choice : ...On the whole, ‘Woh Lamhe’ is a well-crafted, finely written, beautifully enacted movie that is definitely worth a watch.... full review Thumbs up, by Prema K., : ...A highly emotional film, it should be lapped up by the older generation, especially Parveen Babi fans.... full review The first time I watched it, was on my computer and I had a difficult time understanding what was being said (because of my speakers), but understood the storyline, just by watching the actors'/actresses' facial expressions and actions. with some intense performance from Shiny and Kangana this is film is mainly a drama a bit too fictious. !for those of you who have not seen the movie do go and watch it.the soundtrack is amazing too!!!!! The Plot: Sana Azim(Kangna) is a successful film star and is in love with Nikhil(Shaad Randhawa), another film star who abuses her, rapes her and humiliates her. I cried. But one fine day, Sana suddenly disappears to be found only when she is discovered with a slashed wrist, two years later. THANKS EVERYBODY. whatever her difficulties she has come through beautifully. The film is supposedly based on Parveen Babi's life, her battle with schizophrenia and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt to whom she was a lover as well as a mentor in his struggling days. some of the scenes like the where kangana through off her panties is over the top. Either way, she is brilliantly portrayed on the screen, by Kangana Ranaut. The story is known to be inspired by the producer’s real life incidents (yes, we are talking about Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi), but is added with different elements to the public and to make it filmi. Partly misdirected, the story is strong and actors good. I hope Shiny continues to do more films- he's spectacular! Great…, Gereat Movie! Good performances, storyline and direction. It has a amazing sound track and a well chosen character-actor mapping. Comeon, come up with a movie that is original....can Bollywood do that on a consistent basis..?? This results in Sana walking out on Nikhil.

Fame, Is It Worth it? After a series of events that happen as Aditya hurts Sana’s ego, he also manages to sign her for his film. Other actors are appropriate with I just saw this one and still processing it, but here's a few comments anyhow. It would be nice to see once a Hindi movie that is not taken off from American Movies.

first of all i was not interested in watching the movie .i thought what is going to be special it is going to be just another love story but later when i saw the movie i thought this is one of the best movies .thank god i did not miss such a wonderful movie.the story is a real life story about an actress and a director. "TU JO NAHIN". Sana is a patient with schizophrenia, who has excessive hallucinations of a girl named Rani, who actually doesn't exist, which gradually ruins both Sana's life and career. Sana is schrizophrenic and hallucinates about a girl called Rani(Masumeh). The movie gained a positive reviews from the critics. !Where did Rani go anyways???? Your heart goes out to the couple, after seeing what they've both been through and where their futures are heading.

It-still-haunts even after seeing it some time back.

There are many lamhe in WOH LAMHE that you carry in your heart and that's why the film works for the moviegoer.” [3] Noted film Critic Anupama Chopra also praised the performances of Ranaut and Ahuja stating “Woh Lamhe still holds interest because it has a taut script and fine performances. Songs like 'Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai' and "Bin Tere" were popular among the masses while other songs also managed to get a good response. Film critic Subhash K. Jha wrote that Ranaut "is the first female performer of Bollywood since Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi, who isn't scared to strip her soul naked for the camera" adding that she is a "hugely expressive actress with a phenomenal ability to convey torment, hurt and incredulity through the eyes".

Even though this is a Hindu film, with a different dialect, it was able to capture my attention. Dubai, the bungalow from the last part of the film, everything is excellent. Until one day, suddenly, she disappears, leaving him with unanswered questions. The best part about woh lamhe’s music is that no song interferes the flow of the movie but only accentuates the proceedings. Her last interview in 2002, she dodged these very questions directly and her answers were not indicative of an insane person. I accidentally stumbled upon it after scrolling through movies online. Mohit, I cant wait to watch your next film. Kangana is very beautiful and is a natural actress and will go far. But there’s a twist here. Best scenes : Kangana in Hospital when Shiny arrives to take her with him. Hi friends, Reviewing a movie after a while. Masumeh, Purab Kholi are excellent in their part. ISHRA SS: Woh Lamhe, Woh Baatein Koi Na Jaane Pg 25(last part)(Page 17) Those moments lived in the sanctuary of their love are like an oasis in the desert.

Throw in a twist of the imaginary person and her perception that the world is trying to get her and you add in Gia with Beautiful Mind. Aditya manages to take her away to Goa and stands by her even though she might be dangerous for him.

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