About See All. Several feature films on their showreel have achieved widespread critical acclaim such as The Theory of Everything and Philomena.

Union VFX is a boutique visual effects facility founded in 2008 by Adam Gascoyne and Tim Caplan, providing a creative service for feature film and television productions. The design inspiration largely came from the building itself, strong features such as exposed brickwork, steel crossbars and exposed ceilings allowed us to create a core material palette of industrial mesh light fittings, galvanised mechanical systems, unfinished and unpolished steel crittall partitioning and an unpolished pewter staircase. Since leaving Deluxe Media Europe in 2016, Higgs has been providing non-executive and consultancy services to  media businesses, with particular interest in helping, The MD of post house Fifty Fifty, Cara Kotschy, has announced that she is to leave the business after 16 years with the company and ten as managing director. Union’s biggest challenge on this job was recreating the Hiroshima bomb drop which involved building a fully CG Enola Gay aeroplane which then drops it’s ‘Little Boy’ payload. In a contrast to the basement level, the ground floor needed to provide a higher sense of energy, to be welcoming to both staff and clients and to provide a street level sense of presence and identity to the outside world. Share this post. THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING: Adam Gascoyne – VFX Supervisor & ... Vincent Frei . We had to create a fully CG Rue du Pont Neuf bridge complete with cars and people on the street and replace the stunt actor using a mix of digital doubles and the footage we shot of Sam on the night. When Marie meets Pierre and they bond together in science and marriage, a beautiful visualisation shows the shadows of them making love ascend twisting towards a twinkling night sky which morphs into a fantastical idea of ‘creation’ using a scientifically accurate vision of how atoms move around polonium. Post & VFX22.09.20Watch: Union's vfx breakdown of Working Title's Radioactive. Within the communal areas there was an emphasis on variety and choice, however in contrast the working spaces require a specific environment. Directed by BAFTA and Academy Award nominee Marjane Satrapi, StudioCanal movie RADIOACTIVE is a celebration of the pioneering work of Marie Curie based on the graphic novel ‘Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout’ by Lauren Redniss. Post & VFX 22.09.20 Watch: Union's vfx breakdown of Working Title's Radioactive. 18 Rathbone Place (4,734.36 mi) London, UK W1T 1HX. We filmed the invited audience who watched the test explosions wearing only ski-goggles as protection in the Budapest studio and placed them into the Almeria environment.

Complimenting features such as timber flooring within the breakout areas, trainspotter light fittings, brass handrails, textured upholstery throughout the Screening Room bleacher and a bespoke rich blue Breakout all aid in the elevation of the core palette adding warmth and personality to the space. Here’s Union describing their work on the film. Union VFX are located in the heart of Soho, London. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Nobody knows what it was really like, but first hand accounts describe a very different type of fire and Marjane opted for a very stylised, hyper real, painterly aesthetic with an interesting colour palette for the shots inside and outside of the plant.

With each pass we logged the camera position and got Sam to walk in at the end to film plates that we could use to replace the stuntman. Broadcasting & Media Production Company. He’s a great sounding board and really helps us feel confident in making the important decisions.”, “Shipleys is always accessible – they’re just around the corner and react quickly to any questions. It was produced by Working Title and Shoebox Films. “Flexibility and collaboration are increasingly in demand, which works in favour of the smaller VFX companies, as we tend to be more agile, accessible and reactive than the bigger set-ups. Our Doomtown was shot in Almeria, Spain where we extended the set and added mountain ranges using a mix of CG and 2.5D DMPs. Forgot account? Our anticipated blue skies didn’t materialise and instead, we experienced a huge dust storm complete with oppressive, orange skies. Co-founder Tim Caplan chats to Shipshape about how Union’s role as a boutique studio is developing all the time. Being part of the creative team for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony sequence featuring James Bond and The Queen was a highlight for visual-effects facility Union VFX.

The space consists of a combined Reception and Breakout area, 2 Screening rooms, Meeting Spaces, Workstations, Editorial and Review Booths, and Private Offices. But Tim says their highlight to date was being part of Danny Boyle’s creative team for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. See more of Union VFX on Facebook. The view of Hiroshima is based on drone footage of Thailand manipulated into a matte painted environment complete with Hiroshima’s geographically correct river network. In this year’s London Film Festival, Union has four films showing, including the opening and closing night films Suffragette and Steve Jobs. Inside the central chamber, we added a waterfall and steam coming off the ground using fx and elements that included pouring salt at slow frame rates. “The bigger VFX facilities have studios all over the world to take advantage of territories that offer generous production tax credits,” explains Tim.

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Closed Now. The Union show-reel is well worth watching, mesmerising in fact and gives some insight into the art of invisible special effects. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. “This was a unique opportunity to collaborate with a very creative director with a strong vision. “He’s helped us understand the business side of things at each stage. It was important that the design held true with the team’s culture of originality, innovation and collaboration. We’ve established a niche as a creatively driven VFX studio with a reputation for imaginative solutions and quick turnarounds”. One of the most devastating impacts to stem from her scientific discoveries is the Chernobyl disaster. If you need any help or advice, please get in touch with our friendly team: "Shipleys is always accessible and react quickly to any questions. The visual effects team require darkness, quiet and focus. The impact and ensuing mushroom cloud was our biggest FX shot to date at the time. or. Then in 2008 they decided to pool their experience and set up Union. We did an elements shoot where we filmed all sorts of gasses on fire at the top of a hill against the sky at different frame rates and mixed them with a 2.5D DMP and some CG building structure and rubble components to create the stylised look visualised by Marjane and Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle. advice@shipleys.com, Godalming The inhabited room was rigged with wires and SFX did as much damage as they could. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Content services outfit, Digit, has hired ex Deluxe Europe MD, Chris Higgs, as chairman. Union’s work was often used to illustrate science to the audience either by way of explanation or in a more abstract sense to marry Marie’s thoughts and dreams to her research. Which the average film watcher is 90% of the time completely oblivious to. The decision was made to embrace these and replace earlier shots. We also lidar scanned him in costume so that we could place him right in the heart of the fatal action using head replacement techniques and animated facial expressions based on the plates. There wasn’t much dressed set so we used our Blackmagic to create a library of elements. Union regularly works with a number of the world’s top filmmakers. We achieved this using fully CG blood combined with elements of fluid dissipating shot on a phantom at high frame rate. Union was set up in 2008 by Adam Gascoyne and Tim Caplan to provide a creative service for feature film and TV productions. “We were heavily involved in making the short films, including the James Bond and The Queen’s arrival sequence.”. We then had to place Marie and the dancers into a fully CG Samaritaine environment complete with cobblestone street in order to relight with FX to give it a three-dimensional feel. The starry polonium sky was created in Houdini. In the black set, Union worked with the SFX team to match the camera angles and shoot more flammable elements before marrying it all together with the addition of a dust storm created in Houdini that blows through the window. In fact, Tim says they may need an even bigger space soon, which may enable them to branch into other related markets. Page Transparency See More. The UK has generous tax incentives too.”, Shipleys works with Union on a range of issues. Nuclear weapons are also a consequence of the Curie’s science and the film shows the testing of these in Doomtown, Nevada – a test site established in 1951. www.unionvfx.com, Keep up with the latest information from Shipleys by signing up for our updates, including our magazine Shipshape, London

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