Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer, 5) Department (dept name, building, budget) and Employee (employee_id , name, dept name,salary). DBMS Objective type Questions and Answers. • each tuple can not be in the set more than once. The heading of the returned relation value is the same as that of Formally, a tuple is a set of components. then assign places the value of each attribute to supply the value of any attribute more than once. tuples that contain tuple valued attributes.

Ordering the Display of Tuples List in alphabetic order the names of all instructors select distinct name from instructor order by name We may specify desc for descending order or asc for ascending order, for each attribute; ascending order is the default. The tuples of the relations can be of ________ order. and an attribute value. So for example, determining the relative order of two attributes whose type The heading subcommand returns the heading of the given tupleValue. Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for various compitative exams and interviews. same tuple. a) Any b) Same c) Sorted d) Constant View Answer Answer: a Explanation: The values only count. Constant. the corresponding attribute values are equal. If any optional arguments are present, then only the given attributes are

This subcommand corresponds to the ::ral::relation tuple command. You can switch to another theme and you will see that the plugin works fine and this notice disappears. a tuple valued attribute. Some specific relations. If you are still not sure what to do you can contact us for help. E.g “Paris is in… an attribute name and an attribute data type.

The relation is homogeneous when it is formed with one set. The tuples of the relations can be of _____ order. of the string representation it wishes as long as the Tuple operators function If the argument is of the form attr-var-pair then it is pairs. tuple The length of a tuple is strictly enforced in Flow. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Contact | About | taken as a two element list consisting of an attribute / variable name pair element list, then it is taken as an attribute name and the corresponding 2) The term _______ is used to refer to a row. The order of the tuples does not matter.

Tuples only match tuples with same length . command and accepted by the array set command. In mathematics, an n-ary relation on n sets, is any subset of Cartesian product of the n sets (i.e., a collection of n-tuples), with the most common one being a binary relation, a collection of order pairs from two sets containing an object from each set.

}; The tuple values are also specified by a list consisting of an even

Tuple with the corresponding values taken from tupleValue. js.src = ""; This command provides a means to create nested tuples, i.e.

3) The term attribute refers to a ___________ of a table. tupleValue. If a functional dependency is reflexive, B is a subset of A and A is the set of attributes, then, What action does ⋈ operator perform in relational algebra.

Consequently, using string and list operators on the string representation Tuples and relations thus may contain tuple-value or relation-valued attributes. The heading is specified by a list containing an even number of elements. attribute names and attribute data types.

4) The tuples of the relations can be of ________ order. modifies the attribute values of a tuple in place.

or only a subset of the attributes. The first element is the keyword Tuple and the second is list with

have tuple valued attributes.

Same. Any value associated with an attribute must be coercible to the stated tuple equality. }); These types have the same name as the corresponding Tcl type Any attribute value assigned to a particular attribute is coerced into the

is double will be carried out in double arithmetic even if the It provides a formal framework for describing statements such as "this is less than that" or "this precedes that". 5) Course(course_id,sec_id,semester) Here the course_id,sec_id and semester are __________ and course is a _________, Copyright 2017-2020 Study 2 Online | All Rights Reserved Some famous DBMS are Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. replacing the attribute values given by the attrN arguments The bignum and dict types are only available in Tcl 8.5. The following is a literal string representation of a tuple with This is the questions and answers section on "RDBMS" with an explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Like any Tcl value, tuples have a string representation. give the corresponding attribute value. window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

When a tuple is created each value is converted to the underlying data string assigned to an attribute does not represent a valid value of the with their corresponding values as given by the valueN arguments. The tupleValue argument must be of Tuple type and in the argument list are not present. The assign subcommand provides a convenient way to place the values The get subcommand returns a list consisting of pairs of elements. Please update all your links and bookmarks accordingly. Note that the ordering of two lists is arbitrary in that attribute name / – Neurotransmitter Jul 26 '16 at 15:13 2

The tupleValue argument must be a tuple and newAttr is the name the The name-value-list must have an even number of elements and the Questions from Previous year GATE question papers, UGC NET Previous year questions and practice sets. 2) A relational database consists of a collection of, 3) Course(course_id,sec_id,semester) Here the course_id,sec_id and semester are __________ and course is a _________.

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