Reiko asks Ryuji to take her picture, and they discover that photos of her face now come out distorted like those of Tomoko and her friends. Ring (リング, Ringu) is a 1998 Japanese horror film directed by Hideo Nakata, based on the 1991 novel by Kôji Suzuki. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Ryūji reveals to Takashi that he knows the old man exposed Shizuko to the media, hoping to make money off her. Meanwhile, the cursed video story is being investigated by Tomoko's maternal aunt, newspaper reporter Reiko Asakawa; so when Reiko and her young son Yoichi attend Tomoko's funeral, she learns from some friends of Tomoko that three of Tomoko's friends all died the same night she did, and their bodies were found with their faces twisted in fear. L'effet où l'on voit Sadako sortir du puits est tout simple : Rie Inou, étudiante du théâtre Kabuki, qui utilise des mouvements lançants ou exagérés pour souligner l'émotion, s'est fortement impliquée dans le développement du caractère de Sadako. The transfer features a 4K resolution restoration that was scanned from the film's original camera negative. After the moderate success of the Ring novel, written by Kōji Suzuki and published in 1991, publisher Kadokawa Shoten decided to make a motion picture adaptation of Ring. Le personnage de Reiko Asakawa n'apparait que dans le film. Learn more about the mastermind behind the book series. Avant de mourir, il parvient à composer le numéro de Reiko ; elle entend ses derniers instants au téléphone et se rend compte que la malédiction est toujours en place. Reiko et Ryūji retournent à Izu en supposant que Sadako est morte et que son esprit vengeur a tué les adolescents. Halloween • [33] The film initiated global interest in Japanese cinema in general and Japanese horror cinema in particular, a renaissance which led to the coining of the term J-Horror in the West. Le lendemain, Reiko fait une copie de la cassette pour qu'ils l'étudient. Tomoko l'a vue, mais ne croit pas à cette rumeur. Elle entend à nouveau quelque chose derrière elle. After its release, Ring was a huge box office success in Japan and was acclaimed by critics.

Both notice that the bruise disappears from her wrist, and she and Ryūji return home, relieved that the curse is seemingly broken. [2], The special effects on the cursed videotape and some parts in the film were shot on a 35 mm film which was passed on in a laboratory in which a computer added a 'grainy' effect. En regardant la cassette, Reiko voit une série d'images inquiétantes et apparemment sans rapport les unes avec les autres.

Avec un magnétoscope et la copie de la cassette de Ryūji, Reiko part avec son fils pour voir son grand-père, réalisant qu'il s'agit d'un cycle sans fin : la bande doit toujours être copiée et transmise pour assurer la survie des téléspectateurs. Nanako MatsushimaMiki NakataniHiroyuki Sanada, Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution. She watches it for herself, and finds that the tape shows a series of seemingly unrelated disturbing images, accompanied by a metallic screeching, with the image of an open well being the tape's final scene. Le fantôme du film, Sadako, cheveux longs cachant les yeux, robe blanche évanescente et démarche spectrale, incarne une vision moderne du croque-mitaine sous l'apparence des oripeaux traditionnels des fantômes japonais. Final Destination • At a demonstration of Shizuko's psychic abilities held by Ikuma, a journalist who spitefully denounced her as a fraud, inciting his other colleagues to do the same, was psychokinetically killed by Shizuko's daughter, Sadako. [32], The international success of the Japanese films launched a revival of horror filmmaking in Japan that resulted in such pictures as Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2001 film Pulse (known as Circuit (回路, Kairo) in Japan), Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge (呪怨, Juon) (2000), Hideo Nakata's Dark Water (仄暗い水の底から, Honogurai mizu no soko kara, literally From the Depths of Dark Water), also based on a short story by Suzuki), and Higuchinsky's Uzumaki (2000, a.k.a. Shortly thereafter, a series of slanderous reports drive Shizuko to commit suicide. Ryūji, who has psychic powers himself, sees the demonstration through ESP, as does Reiko; in the vision, Sadako runs up to Reiko and grabs hold of her wrist. [7], Ring was released in Japan on January 31, 1998 where it was distributed by Toho.

Additionally, a Blu-ray box set featuring Ring, the sequels Rasen and Ring 2, and prequel Ring 0, was also released. In their film script, Takashi and Nakata changed the protagonist's gender (from male to female), name (from Kazuyuki Asakawa to Reiko Asakawa), marital status (from married to divorced) and child's gender and name (from daughter Yoko to son Yoichi). Reiko, who had tried to call Ryūji, hears his last minutes over the phone and quickly realizes that only she is free from the curse. They then played the film in reverse to portray an unnatural-looking walk for Sadako. Le fantôme de Sadako rampe hors du puits, puis hors du téléviseur de Ryūji, et lui cause un tel choc qu'il le tue par arrêt cardiaque. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Dr. Ikuma was fired by his university and disappeared with Sadako. Gremlins • Elle tourne la tête et hurle d'effroi. This article is about the 1998 Japanese horror film. Two high schoolers, Masami and Tomoko, talk about a videotape that was allegedly recorded in Izu and bears a curse that kills the viewer in one week. Vampire princess Miyu You're under arrest! What is the best movie in The Ring series? The Ring (2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Ju-on & The Grudge • Le réalisateur en parle dans une interview qui constitue le bonus majeur du DVD. An American remake, The Ring, was made in 2002 . This wiki is about The Ring book and movie horror series. Reiko and Ryūji sail for Ōshima and discover the history of Shizuko Yamamura, a local woman known for her psychic powers. Desperate to save Yoichi, she realizes that copying the tape and showing it to someone else was what saved her. "[25], Sight & Sound critic Mark Kermode praised the film's "timeless terror," with its "combination of old folk devils and contemporary moral panics" which appeal to both teen and adult audiences alike. The film ends as she drives into the distance, and some schoolgirls she interviewed earlier in the film talk about the rule to escape the tape's curse. Lorsqu'une sonnerie déchire le silence, toutes deux s'immobilisent de peur. La préproduction a duré entre trois et quatre mois, le tournage cinq semaines et la postproduction quatre mois[2]. In 2002, the American version of the psychological horror film was directed by Gore Verbinski and starred Naomi Watts and Martin Henderson. He turns around to see that his TV has switched on by itself and is showing the image of the well from the tape's ending. "[8] Variety agrees that the slow pace, with "its gradual evocation of evil lying await beneath the surface of normality," is one of the film's biggest strengths. Alors qu'il ne reste plus qu'un jour, Reiko et Ryūji découvrent que la cassette vidéo a été réalisée par la fille de Shizuko, Sadako Yamamura, dont les pouvoirs surnaturels surpassent ceux de sa mère. Released in 2002, The Ring reached number 1 at the box office and grossed slightly more in Japan than the original. est un film d'horreur japonais réalisé par Hideo Nakata sous le scénario de Hiroshi Takahashi d'après le roman du même titre de Kōji Suzuki, sorti en 1998. A television series, Ring: The Final Chapter, was made, with a similar storyline but many changes in characters and their backstories. Très inquiète pour son fils, Reiko se rend compte que le fait de copier la cassette et de la montrer à quelqu'un d'autre l'a sauvée.

Ils trouvent un message caché à l'intérieur de la cassette dans un dialecte d'Izu. [6] Nakata did not state which TV version he and Takahashi watched. Martin, Daniel (2009), 'Japan’s Blair Witch: Restraint, Maturity, and Generic Canons in the British Critical Reception of Ring', "The "Ring" Master: Interview with Hideo Nakata", "Official exchange rate (LCU per US$, period average) - Japan", "Doraemon sets box office record in Hong Kong", "Historical currency converter with official exchange rates (TWD)", "Dissemination of European cinema in the European Union and the international market", "Official exchange rate (LCU per US$, period average)",, "Ring: No 12 best horror film of all time", 'The 100 Best Films of World Cinema - 69. [30] In the early 2010s, Time Out conducted a poll with several authors, directors, actors and critics who have worked within the horror genre to vote for their top horror films. Child's Play • est un film d'horreur japonais réalisé par Hideo Nakata sous le scénario de Hiroshi Takahashi d'après le roman du même titre de Kōji Suzuki, sorti dans les salles en 1998. [6] However, the TV version was re-edited and released on VHS under a new title, Ring: Kanzenban (Ring: The Complete Edition). Reiko and Ryūji deduce that Sadako psionically created the cursed tape to express her fury against the world.

It inspired numerous follow-ups in the Ring franchise, popularized J-horror internationally, and triggered a trend of Western remakes, starting with the 2002 American film The Ring. • Nanako Matsushima as Reiko Asakawa, a journalist who investigates her niece's death and finds the cursed videotape. [citation needed], Ring had some influence on Western cinema and gained cult status in the West.[33]. Stab. It is not to be confused with, Goldberg, Ruth (2004), 'Demons in the Family', in. In 2002, the American version of the psychological horror film was directed by Gore Verbinski and starred Naomi Watts and Martin Henderson. The media attention attracted ESP researcher Dr. Heihachiro Ikuma, who, besides conducting studies on her, had an affair with Shizuko and fathered a child with her. [1], To coincide with its 20th anniversary, Arrow Films issued a Blu-ray version of Ring on March 18, 2019 in the UK. Ring (リング, Ringu?)

Reiko se rend alors à Izu et arrive à la maison de location, où elle trouve une cassette non étiquetée. Directed by Gore Verbinski. Ryuji eventually finds that the message is in a dialect from Izu Ōshima Island. [5] Balmain, however, is not optimistic; she reads the replication of the video as technology spreading, virus-like, throughout Japan.[3]. Dans le roman de Kōji Suzuki, à la comparaison du film, Ryuji Takayama est un ancien camarade de Kazuyuki Asakawa, journaliste de son état. [19] The film also grossed $59,001 in Chile and the United Kingdom,[22] adding up to an estimated worldwide gross revenue of approximately $19,448,394.

Elle découvre également que Masami est devenue folle après avoir été témoin de la mort de Tomoko et qu'elle est internée dans un hôpital psychiatrique. They try to find Sadako's corpse in an attempt to appease her spirit. This "New Asian Horror"[3] resulted in further successful releases, such as Ju-on: The Grudge and Dark Water. Un soir, Tomoko et Masami, deux jeunes lycéennes seules à la maison, s'amusent dans la chambre à se faire peur avec une rumeur, celle d'une vidéo-cassette : une fois visionnée, une sonnerie téléphonique annoncerait votre propre mort — avec raison — au bout de sept jours.

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