There are also some fab collocations at the end. ‍‍. Write your answers in boxes 12-13 on your answer sheet. This week I interview the creator of the marvellous Vocab Victor app, Dr Heidi Brumbaugh.

IELTS Reading: Meet the Organoleptics . 100 Hot Books To Enhance Your Reading Skills and Vocabulary, The risks agriculture faces in developing countries Reading Answers Cambridge 12 Test 2, The Benefits of Being Bilingual Reading Answers Cambridge 12 Test 2, Could urban engineers learn from dance? a track had recently been blasted down the valley canyon to enable.

This is an example of a text that goes in chronological order (in order of time). IELTS Writing Task 2 Introductions - 5 ways, IELTS General Training: Writing a request to your boss, IELTS Writing - Task 2: Workplace clothes. You can find out more about the award I won from EnglishUK and CambridgeESOL for my research on error correction here:  The Lost City reading practice test has 13 questions belongs to the Recent Actual Tests subject.

Thank you! Watch my YouTube video about how to recognise signals in Part 3 Listening: Have a look at all the signals that can help you keep your place - Matching Information with paragraphs

You promised me that you would fix it. Almost all previous travellers had left the river at Ollantaytambo and taken a high pass across the mountains to rejoin the river lower down, thereby cutting a substantial corner, but also therefore never passing through the area around Machu Picchu.

an answer to the threats of air pollution and consumerism. IELTS Reading: This Marvellous Invention . I did today's podcast live on YouTube, so you can watch it there for more information. I also point out the useful vocabulary that you can extract from the listening to help you with Writing Task 1 (Academic - describe changes to a building; General Training - tell your friend about your new home)  Here is an extra Listening to help you describe changes to maps: So sorry for the delay - I'm back now! The questions are perfectly divided according to the text structure (‘problem’/‘solutions’) (problem = no-one knows; solution = lots of theories). In his book Lost City of the Incas, he relates that he made the ascent without having the least expectation that he would find anything at the top. Is this the most effective way? As I..., read the blue text taken from the original passage, A. When he came to write the National Geographic magazine article that broke the story to the world in April 1913, he knew he had to produce a big idea.

In boxes 8-11 on your answer sheet, write, TRUE if the statement agrees with the information, FALSE if the statement contradicts the information, NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this, 8 TRUEFALSENOT GIVEN    Bingham went to South America in search of an Inca city.Answer: TRUE    Locate, 9 TRUEFALSENOT GIVEN    Bingham chose a particular route down the Urubamba valley because it was the most common route used by travellers.Answer: FALSE    Locate, 10 TRUEFALSENOT GIVEN    Bingham understood the significance of Machu Picchu as soon as he saw it.Answer: FALSE    Locate, 11 TRUEFALSENOT GIVEN    Bingham returned to Machu Picchu in order to find evidence to support his theory.Answer: NOT GIVEN. The book was more ‘dramatic’ and ‘vivd’. Thanks to modern remote-sensing techniques, a ruined city in Turkey is slowly revealing itself as one of the greatest and most mysterious cities of the ancient world. His journal entries of the time reveal a much more gradual appreciation of his achievement. In his book Lost City of the Incas, he relates that he made the ascent without having the least expectation that he would find anything at the top. Academic IELTS Reading Sample 228 - The Lost City Details Last Updated: Monday, 14 August 2017 12:24 Written by IELTS Mentor Hits: 14741 . E We should remember, however, that Lost City of the Incas is a work of hindsight, not written until 1948, many years after his journey. Get the quiz and full blog here, IELTS Listening: The Eucalyptus Tree in Australia , #ielts Listening Part 4 - gapfill summary. First, as he climbs up the hill, he describes the ever-present possibility of deadly snakes, ‘capable of making considerable springs when in pursuit of their prey’; not that he sees any. Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer.

IELTS Song ngữ . A long and difficult but FASCINATING text with SO MUCH useful vocabulary which I list at the end. Book 9 Test 2 Passage 1. An idea which has gained wide acceptance over the past few years is that Machu Picchu was a moya, a country estate built by an Inca emperor to escape the cold winters of Cusco, where the elite could enjoy monumental architecture and spectacular views. Find the Modals of Deduction Grammar here [e.g. 12    The track that took Bingham down the Urubamba valley had been created for the transportation of ___________________. Join the course: ‍♀️, IELTS Reading: Crop-growing skyscrapers Day 2 , IELTS Reading: Crop-growing skyscrapers Day 1 , IELTS Listening: Ethnography in Business Day 2 ✅, IELTS Listening: Ethnography in business Day 1 , IELTS Listening: Changes to a town (Barford) Day 2 . Listen to another Part 4 about agriculture in Africa here: This is an Academic Reading Part 1 (so it's good for GT too). IELTS Listening: Study Skills Tutorial ‍‍.


Then there’s a sense of mounting discovery as he comes across great sweeps of terraces, then a mausoleum, followed by monumental staircases and, finally, the grand ceremonial buildings of Machu Picchu. - Choosing from a list T/F/NG.

Do you rely on a teacher to correct your writing mistakes for the IELTS Test? IELTS GT Reading Staff Benefits ‍♀️‍, #ielts Cambridge Book 9 Test A Section 2 Part 2 JLP Retail: Staff Benefits plus useful vocab, #ielts Cambridge Tests Book 9 Test A Section 2. * This window is to review your answers only, you cannot change the answers in here. Find a similar topic here: --- Send in a voice message:
Watch the video on YouTube if you would like to practice with the real test. By custom, Pachacuti’s descendants built other similar estates for their own use, and so Machu Picchu would have been abandoned after his death, some 50 years before the Spanish Conquest.

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