There are some incredible songs on the album (3 peat, mr. carter, dr. carter, shoot me down...etc. Common Sense and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN: 41-2024986).

On 'Dr. Great job, Wayne. Leaked a week before release and still sold A MILLI the first week. I don't think it's a classic, but it was probably one of the best albums of 2008.

I, he recorded this all drunk and high in one take. My favorite Lil Wayne album. great. The Spin score needs to be changed. As an avid hip hop listener the songs that I didn't find as appealing were the radio hits such as "Got Money", "Mrs. Years in the making, three albums worth of material recorded for the project had leaked before the thing finally dropped. I would like to see him battle against nas. WTF mane?? Review: Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III A s he’ll be happy to tell you, New Orleans’s Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive.

To the people that hate this album, give it an objective listen instead of judging it because it is a Lil Wayne album, this is a masterpiece. Universal acclaim I am pleased to report that the version now available to purchase is the full unabridged version. Kanye and Lupe are the best rappers alive, not he. This is by far one of waynes best performances widely spreading his abilities to be more than just a hardcore gangster rapper but a laid back different mellow lyricist who speaks for the people. I notice many of the reviews still reference that unfortunate situation. I had high expectations for Tha Carter III as it was universally praised. This album is a masterpiece, Lil Wayne's Magnum Opus, an album that will put Lil Wayne with the greats. The entire time throughout "Tha Carter III," you can just tell Wayne is having way too much making the record; what would it hurt to maybe revel in the excitement and enjoy the moment with him? Go listen to RAP Music by killer mike. The best album I have ever heard in my life! Absolute garbage. The album was brilliant and is still a favorite listen a year after it's release. Although, Another Hip Hop album in which the singles almost ruin the album. The main issue with this album is that there are way too many track and not enough substance too those tracks. given this sentence i could predict a robertsona review will read shortly. Not quite a classic, but definitely one of the better rap albums to come out in a long time. "Pray to the Lord" "I feel Like Dying" and the Moby remix "1000 Degrees" are vastly superior to drivel like "Mrs Officer" and "La La". Very good album. What's this?

Insanely unoriginal. Solid mix of lyrical swag and though provoking lyrics. If you are a fan of Tha Carter 2, or any of his later work, you'll love this, but if you are a Tha Block Is Hot or Lights Out type of guy, you may be disappointed. this is my favorite number 1 rap album.

What has the world come to to call songs about oral sex great music? Wayne can do better basically cuz he gets better every year but this album shows his growth. Tha Carter 4, I Am Not A Human Being 1 & 2, and the ugliest one of all, Rebirth. Every track attends to detail, with fun tricks like the chipmunk-chorused "Mr. Carter"'s sudden descent into screwed-and-chopped before Jay-Z comes in. He/She should retreat back to the hipster hole from whence he/she came, turn death cab for cutie back on, and cry him/herself to sleep. But on Tha Carter 3's evidence, the prodigy has a long journey before he can be spoken of in the same vein as one of hip hop's unrivalled godfathers and a true 'hot rapper'. Lil wayne is not close to the top 100 rappers living.

26 If you don't like this album you probably don't like hip hop music. Jay-Z and listen to Jay-Z murder him. Best rap album ever.

), Tha Carter III is more a balanced, self-conscious synthesis of everything viably great about Lil Wayne, hyperbolic or not, than the penultimate statement of the MC’s “legendary” status. Absolutely the best Wayne's album ever: 16 awesome songs (Playing with Fire original) and eccellent Weezy.. Only one bad song: La La is terrible, but Tie My Hands and Dontgetit are just amazing. His flow is okay, but too many disjointed jams. Overall, a great album. Absolutely legendary and essential.

After I bought it I thorougly listened to it and decided that this is the first album where I didn't have to skip any songs. Has no talent whatsoever as evident by his lyrics. [Aug 2008, p.79]. I agree with datsun and all the other low scores. Music for uneducated youth. Officer", "Lolipop", "Comfortable", "Got Money" are just commercial songs. also the other half of the album is unavailable to purchase. but he still hasnt prooved to me that he is better than the notorious b.i.g. 26 Lil Wayne uses every expletive possible on this album and it's rare that a line doesn't have at least one bit of profanity. I Did Not Enjoy Any Tracks On This Album Whatso Ever. It's difficult to tell if the other tracks - which are of the elite tier of production value as rap can get - are actually just slightly above average tracks or whether the heavy hitters at the beginning just make the rest of the tracks seem dull only in comparison.

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