Suppose women followed the red distribution and men the blue, so they both have the same average ability, but men are more variable. One lesson my field, game theory, teaches is how useful it is to put yourself in the place of someone else and try to figure out what they should do to maximize their objective function given their possible actions, available information, and prior beliefs. To be sure, there are creationists on the Right, but very few in academia, and absolutely none who call for journals not to publish evolutionary theory papers.

Hill published an article online, in Quillette. Those three don’t have to worry about power, I think, but in academia we are very very conscious of status. I don’t usually spend 30 mins reading a blog post, but that was worth it. She ended up rescinding the acceptance (good, although why did she accept in the first place?). Blog also has posts criticizing Comey and Mueller --> ignore. I doubt even the most infuriated of the editors would have threatened to resign over say, an article using differential equations to model mortgage-backed securities. Case 2. Have you stumbled onto the wrong site? Insiders work inside, using connection. When I found out (a few weeks ago), I wrote to the editor-in-chief (Marjorie Senechal) complaining, as did many others, apparently. The Hill paper is mainly a theoretical, mathematical, model. I'm so thankful to have won this thought-provoking memoir through a goodreads giveaway. One hopes that scholars would choose truth over allies, but that is not always the case.

1, Ook de wiskundige heeft moeite met het taartsnijden. Any comments on the Ted Hill political correctness affair in the math journals? Do you only read people who support the American Democratic Party? (p. 14-15). [3] Igor Rivin took back his first two resignations at the urging of the successive editors-in-chief, but his resignation was then “re-accepted” the very day I wrote this, September 24, 2018. According to our current on-line database, Theodore Hill has 7 students and 8 descendants. As far as Ted Hill goes, most of us “have no dog in this fight.” Some do, such as my friend and co-author Christopher Connell, whose post-doc advisor (and several-time co-author) was Benson Farb. Instead, I suggested that the journal publish a response rebuttal article by experts in the field to accompany the article. He is a Distinguished Graduate of West Point’s Class of 1966, and holds a Master’s degree from Stanford and a PhD from UC Berkeley. If the other editors thought Rivin accepted a paper containing gratuitous political points they could require the author to remove them. The Left's? Insiders work inside, using connection. In Case 2, I think it would be wrong to retract the paper, even if the board of editors believed it would have pernicious social consequences. I don't think any economist would say that these papers on statistical discrimination shouldn't have been published.

Then I found everybody knew it already.

Academics are obsessed with rank, but we also believe in noblesse oblige. [8]      I’ve heard through the grapevine that Amie Wilkinson and Benson Farb are nice people as well as first-rate mathematicians. I wonder what Andrew Gelman, Terence Tao, and Tim Gowers would say. Great post! But seriously. Statement in response to Ted Hill's unfounded allegations. He found out that Amie Wilkinson was acting behind the scenes and formally requested that the University of Chicago discipline her, which the University refused to do. I, of course, have the second reaction. If a graduate student ends up at the beers table after a conference talk, the Great Man talks to him kindly and like an equal (which both know he’s not, but the Great Man pretends anyway, as a matter of academic good manners). My absolute favorite book of 2017.

". One sees this in politics generally, where by “politics” I mean people in disagreement interacting to persuade others to adopt their position. A graduate student can point out the flaw in a proof, and the Fields Medalist is obliged to respond. There is, however, a very important exception here. He quickly got two referee reports (rather than the usual one), which were favorable, and checked with the chief editor for approval (which was highly unusual and not required of editors at Rivin’s level). Lol. Theodore Preston Hill (born December 28, 1943) is an American mathematician. The Economics Prize is for a scholar's entire body of work, not just one discovery, but that article is his second most highly cited, with 3,625 cites in 2018 (his most-cited paper, with Richard Nelson, is a 1966 AER paper on education and innovation, with 4,939 cites). The book was fantastic!!! Believers in God think so, and so do atheistic believers in natural law such as philosopher Allen Bloom, but evolutionary biologists believe in human nature too. The rescinding email said. Use of the term is indicative of a deep divide between modellers and pure mathematicians. Oh no, he's not in your tribe! It’s important to name names when people behave badly. What should they do? Tons of trees perish for terrible papers to appear in print. I have also heard--- and it is easy to see from their public writings, that Ted Hill and Igor Rivin are gadflies with sharp tongues who don’t suffer fools gladly. Thus, we see Hill’s 41 pages of documentation, but very little from the other side--- and Hill had to use the FOIA law to extract some of that information. 127. If a graduate student ends up at the beers table after a conference talk, the Great Man talks to him kindly and like an equal (which both know he’s not, but the Great Man pretends anyway, as a matter of academic good manners). Yes. [12] It isn't clear who came up with it first. I note a distressing trend in law professor blogs to eliminate comment sections, which prevents outsiders from correcting embarassing mistakes. Meet the Epic and Awesome Authors of Fall's Big Fantasy Novels. Outsiders work outside, using publicity. (a) Whether the model is so distant from reality as to be useless. If the introduction, literature survey, and conclusion digress to irrelevancies, simply ask the author to reduce the length of those sections. Being a nice person isn’t all that is work here, however. Hill published an article online, in Quillette.
One reaction is that Wilkinson and Farb must be in the right in this dispute. PUSHING LIMITS: Memoir of a Maverick from Soldier to Scholar, Pourquoi la science n'est pas à l'abri de la censure, Journals, Universities Deep-Six Study For Noticing Men And Women Are Different, SCHOW: Rat akademske ljevice prema znanstvenom istraživanju, Academic Journal Editor's Fear: 'The Right-Wing Media May Pick This Up', A Mathematics Paper Two Math Journals Were Mau-Maued into Suppressing, Modern Math Counts on Ancient Law to Catch Fraud, Kann Mathematik sexistisch sein? by American Mathematical Society. She is on the editorial boards of Chaos (2002--), Transactions of the AMS (2006--2007),   Journal of Modern Dynamics (2006--2014), Algebraic and Geometric Topology (2007--2014), Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (2007--), Commentarii Math Helvetici (2014 --), Journal of the European Math Society (2016 --), and Compositio Mathematica (2017 -- ). His target is not just God, however, but Justice: he is attacking “Fiat justitia ruat caelum.” And perhaps he is attacking divine-command theorists such as Ockham, who say that what is good is good because God commands it, rather than God commanding it because it’s good. You don't really need to know math to follow the issue about political correctness and the role of the math professor from Chicago. I note a distressing trend in law professor blogs to eliminate comment sections, which prevents outsiders from correcting embarassing mistakes.

Repetition of the word “finery” (Putz) is meaningful. The economist looked out the window and said, “I see that in Scotland the sheep have black wool.” The physicist looked out and said, “No, what you mean to say is that in Scotland some sheep have black wool.” The mathematician looked out and said, “No. Welcome back. One of them I thought you got hacked to put some non-PC language in there, but then I realized that's just how you are. His hair-raising adventures are highly entertaining and informative but the most amazing part is that he has confronted the sublime challenges of mathematics with the same love of adventure.

    What is in dispute is. Good post, and fair. Retired Georgia Tech math professor Theodore Hill put together an evolutionary model of the male variability regularity with Penn State’s Sergei Tabachnikov.
Amie Wilkinson’s speech at a graduation ceremony for Berkeley math students shows her human qualities. His CV notes that he has done a lot of refereeing. John Doe submits an  article to a math journal that contains a theoretical model in which employers reject a black job applicant over a white job applicant when both appear exactly equal except for race, but are justified in doing so if they want to employ the best candidates, regardless of race. When a peasant insults a margrave with sixteen quarterings of nobility, what is one to think?

And most of those supporting Hill in blog comments do not dare post their real names—though I am sure that it is not Gelman, Gowers, and Tao themselves whose vindictiveness they fear. Let’s try applying those ideas to the Ted Hill Male Variability Affair.

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