One love to the niggas dumpin shots at cops Chorus x2 AARON EDMOND: They picked us up in police cars and drove us down here and told us this is where we have to be. Ready to lite this shit up cuz I dont give a fuck Chorus x2 Steady Mobb'n was a rap group composed of Californian rappers, Crooked Eye and Billy Bathgate who were signed to Master P's No Limit Records in the late 90s. Never. There we go Amy Coney Barrett Won’t Say Climate Change Is Real; Forgets 1st Amendment Protects Right to Protest. N-O L-I-M-I-T into gangsta shit. Puttin it down Le duo a été officiellement signé avec No Limit Records & Bomb Shelter Entertainment à la fin des années 1990. When we got to the area, one of the people living there came out to greet us: Aaron Edmond, known as “Crooked Eyes” or “Crook.” In the '90s, he was a member of the hip-hop duo Steady Mobb'n, whose first record made the Billboard Top 40. It’s called shelter hopping, which is not a good thing. Just outside a Home Depot in East Oakland, between busy streets and in sight of the freeway, some 100 unhoused people have been living for months, sometimes years. And that does it for our broadcast.

And Harvey hit. is currently accepting applications for paid 6-month internships here in our New York City studio. So, the high rents, which have like doubled or tripled in some cases, people cannot afford to live here anymore. As the crisis deepens, so has the criminalization of homelessness, with increasing efforts by city and state officials to crack down on unhoused people occupying public space. Freak I think what’s also interesting is, you know, with Trump just coming to California and making his big grandstanding about herding everyone and put them in government-run camps, and then you have people like Libby or Gavin Newsom, you know, puffing up their chests and being like, “No, you can’t do that” — if you actually look at what they’re signing in law — or, in Libby’s case, what she’s actually doing — they’re doing the same exact thing that Trump is threatening to do. AMY GOODMAN: How does it compare to Texas? Below holdn' the dough like, what went wrong
AARON EDMOND: It has humbled me. CANDICE ELDER: Yes, yes, yes. This is a cultural disaster. Each encampment is totally different. Homelessness in Oakland has grown by nearly 50% in the past two years. The original content of this program is licensed under a. AMY GOODMAN: So how long have you been without a home? We turn now to the crisis of homelessness in the United States, which is on the rise in many major cities. Release some public lands where people can be, and provide them with basic sanitation services — water, sanitation, porta-potties — and then depending on the needs of each encampment. I mean, I would really like that. And at the weddn', any reason why these two shouldn't be married, she a AARON EDMOND: Yeah, I’m on SSI. You know, how we talk about the problem, how we talk about people matters. But advocates say California is already doing that — criminalizing homelessness, from laws against unsheltered people sitting on sidewalks to frequent sweeps of the encampments that have popped up on thoroughfares and under freeways across the state’s cities. CANDICE ELDER: Yes, yes, yes. So, their permanent housing pipeline is not to scale to the crisis. There are even — we have college students now who are riding rapid transportation.

AMY GOODMAN: What has caused this latest surge in numbers of people who are unhoused?

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