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The Shamo breeds are thought to derive from fighting chickens of Malay type brought from Thailand in the early part of the seventeenth century. Shamo Chicken is a  breed originating in Siam (today Thailand) during the seventeenth century. The Shamo chicken is also a difficult feathered Asiatic Game breed originating in Japan. [1]:13, The name "Shamo" was a corruption of the word "Siam", which means "Thailand", during the early Edo period. Its face and throat are featherless, and a pea-combed head sits atop a muscular, upright body. As with many other Oriental fighting breeds, the Shamo chicken was designed with strength in mind for striking and endurance for sustained combat; qualities necessary in the naked-heel “boxing” form of fighting practiced in the Orient. The Ko Shamo (シャモ), unlike O-Shamo and Chu-Shamo, is merely an ornamental breed not used for cockfighting, although it is bred to be temperamental and show the spirit of a fighter.

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