At City Hall, Keri attempts to go to Novak's office but is informed by Derrick that Novak is not in today, citing personal business, but that he most likely would still attend a scheduled meeting for 2pm. "The powerhouse character of Jessica Pearson, expertly brought to life by the incomparable Gina Torres, has won the hearts of television fans everywhere," USA Network stated when plans for the spinoff was first hatched. That night, Keri goes to Novak's house, telling him that she does not want to be the woman with no integrity, sleeping with a married man, before Novak explains that his wife, Stephanie Novak, has relapsed and is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Keri then returns to City Hall to see Sharma at the City Attorney's office, explaining that she tried to find the reports on her own but could not. Jessica then serves Nivens with a lawsuit, and while Keri attempts to salvage the situation by claiming that the mayor's office is not suing him, Nivens sees it as a good cop/bad cop deal and informs Keri that he still has many pending deals with her office. The new show, however, is not yet a done deal. “USA Network is beyond thrilled to work with Gina, [series creator] Aaron Korsh, the entire Suits producing team and our partners at UCP to explore the exciting next phase of Jessica’s story.”. As she returns to her office, she is approached by Derrick, informing her that they got 612 signatures in one day, allowing them to petition City Council. Following the end of his tirade, Keri leaves Novak to his own devices. Keri attempts to thank Derrick for his participation in her ploy, only for Derrick to accuse her of not wanting to Fred commemorated as she comes from a police family, while hiding behind the veil of wanting to protect Novak. The next morning, Novak tells Keri that he would be ousting Sharma in her stead, taking the risk on her behalf as a show of thanks. ... Spector and Rebecca Rittenhouse… Meanwhile, "Suits" is currently on hiatus but the show will return for the second half of season 7 in early 2018. Keri explains that while that is true, the Safety and Inspections department would prove in court that the trains were maintained, which would lead to them getting nothing. Deadline reports Rebecca Rittenhouse and Morgan Spector have joined USA Network’s Suits spin-off pilot. Ainsley's Bag is the Bobby Bag by Boyy . After her exercise, Keri calls in late for work due to a hot water issue in her building. "USA Network is beyond thrilled to work with Gina, [series creator] Aaron Korsh, the entire Suits producing team and our partners at UCP to explore the exciting next phase of Jessica's story.". Jessica adds that she discovered that Carl fell into some money after dropping the lawsuit and asks if she paid him off, to which she replies that she did not and would not do that. Keri inquires into Stephanie's well-being and realizes that Novak is upset that she told Jessica, although Keri justifies her decision by claiming that Jessica cannot work so closely with him and not know. Your thoughts on Suits‘ potential spinoff? They join a cast that already includes Simon Kassianides and Morgan Spector. Do you want award-winning journalism with a Christian worldview, delivered to your inbox? Absolutely love Suits! All rights reserved. Producer should consider crossovers. Novak pays Keri a visit at her apartment, claiming to be worried about her as she had left work early. She explains that all Sharma wanted was for his name to mean something again, but that since it wasn't going to happen in Chicago, she called Harvey to arrange for Sharma to have a corporate job in New York City, informing Keri that she still has powerful friends there. Ainsley Howard (played by Rebecca Rittenhouse) on Four Weddings and a Funeral on Hulu was spotted wearing this red suit on Four Weddings and a Funeral on episode '' (1x02) in Aug 2019. It’s gonna be fun watching Havey suffer, watching Donna’s budding love affair. Gina Torres will lead the cast of the "Suits" spinoff as Jessica Pearson. Rebecca Rittenhouse ("The Mindy Project") and Morgan Spector ("The Mist") will join star Gina Torres, who continues her role as Jessica Pearson in the new show. Keri takes over a case for the previous attorney, Ricculi, who has gone on maternity leave. Jessica visits Keri at her office, telling her that she drafted a lawsuit for the city to file against the bus manufacturer, although Keri explains that they have a relationship with the CEO lasting over a decade and that suing would bring attention to the fact that Novak's statement to have the buses working is failing. Keri then states that she doesn't want to be the reason Novak doesn't get back with his wife, although Novak notifies her that he is considering running for mayor and that he would bring her with him if he wins.[1]. The next morning, Keri dresses for wor and sees a shirtless Luke eating in her kitchen. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick tells her that she should at least give Lloyd some respect before leaving the signatures on her desk and walking out. Keri goes to see police superintendent Chuck Hargrove with Jessica's plan and it succeeds, with the police contract officially being signed. Please click here to learn how. Rittenhouse will reportedly play attorney Keri Allen, the “unofficial right hand” of Spector’s Bobby Golec, the mayor of Chicago.

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