in anyone that dared to get in his way. Razor Ramon would debut in a dark match on the May 18, 1992 edition of The Wrestling Challenge. Perfect No Way Out NWA NWO Pat Paterson Plane ride from Hell Randy Savage Raw Raw 25 Razor Ramon Ric Flair Rick Martel Royal Rumble Scott Hall Shawn Michaels STEVE AUSTIN Sting STONE COLD Stone Cold Steve Austin Summerslam Survivor Series Ted Dibiase The 123 Kid The Bad Guy The Bullet Club The Curtain Call The Diamond Stud The Kid The Million Dollar Man The Razor's Edge The Resurrection of Jake The Snake The Wrestling Challenge TNA Too Sweet Triple H Ultimate Warrior Vince McMahon WCW WCW Tag Team Champion WCW U.S. Champion WCW World Television Champion Wrestlemania WrestleMania 31 WrestleMania X WrestleMania X8 WWC WWE WWE Hall of fame WWF WWF Championship WWF Intercontinental Championship WWF Undisputed Championship, Growing up a wrestling fan in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there was an …, “Atten Hut!” For almost 40 years, those words have sent a collective chill down the …, Powered by, CWFH’s Halston Boddy Interview- Halston Speaks on Managing Heather Monroe, Fighting with Nikko Marquez, and the Massive Brawl on 9/29/20, WWE SmackDown Review 8/7 – Likes & Dislikes, The Rock Purchases The XFL, Official Press Release, WWE SmackDown Review 7/31 – Likes & Dislikes, Booker T On Rumors That Summerslam May Happen on a Beach With Fans, Johnny Gargano On His Heel Turn, Working More Closely With Candice LeRae & Much More, Scarlett Bordeaux Shares Swimsuit Photo on Instagram, WWE Reportedly Still Planning to Stream Indie Wrestling Content On WWE Network, AJ Styles On Summerslam Outdoor Venue Rumors, Rusev Says He Is Done With Wrestling Reportedly, Remembers Last Conversation With Vince McMahon, The Kayfabe Journal: An Interview With Vipress & Ruby Raze, The Kayfabe Journal: An Interview With Samantha Smart, Dear WrestleMania…An Open Letter – Part 2, Goldust: You’ll Never Forget The Name (Pt 1), Sgt. Growing up, remembering this entire catchphrase was almost as much of a challenge as your math homework, but Flair rolled it off the tongue to sheer perfection every single time he said it. Despite their hand in WCW‘s demise though, Hall, Nash, and Hogan would all get another run in the WWF, as the NWO. Scott always had a way to sell his opponent's moves to make them look great, and that right there is no exception. Lately, he’s been working odd jobs in Japan also, while Nash has taken some time off to spend with his kid.

The razor perception that cuts just a little too deep. The NWO, Goldberg, Sting, and Ric Flair were all getting paid to sit at home, and wait out their contracts. Wrestling fans love nothing more than a mega star sweet talking their town, which is why the catchphrase had such a huge impact whenever it was said. Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

Given how he had many different alter-egos, Mick Foley was famous for a fair few catchphrases. Introduced for comedic effect initially, Austin used to scream "What?" Hall’s first WCW run wasn’t what he’d expected. He was even the first 3 time Intercontinental Champion in WWF history, but despite his eminence popularity, he never got a run as the WWF Champion.

But if Nash is involved, they are a serious enough threat for the Batman family together. Hey, yo! Attitude Era crowds weren't any happier than when they were telling people to "Suck It! ", everyone immediately got excited.

No one, however, gave the IC title more prestige than Razor Ramon. Freelance journalist, author and writer from the United Kingdom. Too Sweet!!! Soon they found themselves in Atlanta, Georgia. After a hard fought match, it was Razor hitting The Razor’s Edge, and becoming champion. When it was accompanied with Razor hurling that toothpick at the camera in his cocky, arrogant manner, you just knew you were in the presence of one of the greats of the wrestling business.

He found himself jobbing more than he liked, and eventually left. You don't hear a pop like that these days.

Carried a Shock Rod [BODY 04, Lightning (No Range): 06]. The match is a classic, and Shawn Michaels rightfully gets most of the credit for it, but the story couldn’t have been told the same way without Razor Ramon. I sincerely doubt we will see anything like this ever again.

Catchphrases are something that are becoming less and less common in modern WWE, with focus much more on how the wrestler looks than what they say. At the time, most fans would’ve guessed that the “money match” to set up for WrestleMania X8 was Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan.

If there's one thing to be said about Razor Ramon, it's that his most precious gold was the Intercontinental Championship. But when I come back through the curtain, reality is there waiting."

He’d eventually make his way back to WCW down the line, but not before becoming one of the most beloved characters of the WWF‘s “New Generation.”. The incident is known as “The Curtain Call,” and whether you hate it or love it, there’s no denying it gave fans a peek into the wrestling business, and changed it forever. Scott Oliver Hall (born October 20, 1958) is a retired American professional wrestler best known in the WWF as Razor Ramon and (more famously) in WCW under as one of "The Outsiders" (alongside real-life friends Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash), which formed the basis for the wrestling supergroup the New World Order in 1996. During this time, they also hooked up with a few other metahuman to form a sort of mutual protection society known as the Clique. Feel free to leave some of your favorite memories of the Bad Guy that were just too sweet. Whether it's their unique dress sense that dazzles the crowd - think someone like Goldust, for example - or a particular style in the ring that the crowd loves, there's always something about a great wrestler that they're remembered for. The winner would be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion. His AWA run was a moderate success. MIA: Alcohol and drugs (formerly SIA), Unluck. The whole storyline fell flat. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

Edit: Just thought I'd include a link to Scott Hall's YouTube series... "Last Call With Scott Hall". Marks the demise of you life.

When Kevin Nash joined him a couple of weeks later, the intrigue only doubled. ", in all fairness. These two athletes put on such an amazing spectacle that it made the ladder match a staple of the wrestling world. This is easily one of the most important moments and iconic promos in the history of sports entertainment. Even hearing his entrance music gives me goosebumps. It’s been a long, and sometimes scary, ride for Scott Hall in the wrestling business. Tags "The Macho Man" Randy Savage AWA AWA World Tag Team Championship Balor Club Bash at the Beach Bradshaw bret hart Championship Wrestling from Florida Chris Jericho Cody Hall Curt Henning CWA DDP Diamond Dallas Paige Diesel Dusty Rhodes Goldberg Goldust hulk hogan Hunter Hearst Helmsley Invasion angle Jeff Jarrett Kevin Nash Kliq Macho Man Monday Night Raw Monday Nitro Money Inc Mr. Show more. Hall and Nash would soon begin to tease a third outsider, and speculation on who it could be ran rampant. The swagger, the style and the pure athleticism drew me right in, as it did for a lot of fans at the time. If they give you ruled paper, write the other way. The NWO make a great small but powerful drug-running outfit.

We start with a guy who for many, should be the next name inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame. On a side note, during this time, two others donned the identities of Razor Ramon and Diesel back in New York, but they were found dead weeks later, gutted to pieces.

Razor would go on to lose to Bret Hart, but main eventing a pay-per-view for the WWF Championship so early on helped establish him as a legitimate threat. Say what you want about Scott Hall, but it's clear that he has made his impact on the business that all of us here love so much. Something that has not been said about the moon?

It's insane to see that kind of crowd reaction.

Razor left the Royal Rumble with some pretty good heat.

Hogan has gone underground now, mass-producing the super-steroid, now known as Freak, for those who can pay the price. quite like Vince McMahon, with his booming voice screaming in the face of the foe that was being dismissed a real picture. - Scott Hall quotes from As Razor Ramon or the 'Bad Guy,' I don't have a care in the world.

Hall is machismo incarnate.

The crowd absolutely explodes when Scott grabs the mic and does his thing. Come Survivor Series, Razor was booked in his first marquee match.

Watch it!

The great teacher inspires. Some profiles postulate a “pro wrestling universe” (like the Marvel or DC Universe), while some keep things generic enough to be plugged into existing fictional universes.

But the Outsiders can reunite at any time. Meanwhile, secondary WCW stars like Booker T, and Diamond Dallas Paige were unsuccessfully attempting to invade the WWF.

Warrior would eventually get fired, and be replaced by Mr. Related Topics. Whether it's their unique dress sense that dazzles the crowd - think someone like Goldust, for example - or a particular style in the ring that the crowd loves, t. Wrestlers are famous for many things. The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. It was just as big for them to see Hall inducted.

That's how good Bret was; and he had a catchphrase that followed him around to perfection. In the end, it’s the image of Razor standing on top of a ladder posing with both Intercontinental Championship belts that most fans remember. Each razor a vice and each nail.

This makes them a great force to reckon with on any team level from the Titans, to even the JLA if the plans are vicious enough. They're perhaps the greatest faction in the history of professional wrestling - and when you're that good, you need a catchphrase to go with it. In October of ’93, the WWF Intercontinental Championship was vacated.


However, there's no substitute for Flair himself screaming the catchphrase, often in the face of his unsuspecting opponents. The story behind the Razor Ramon character is that Scott Hall pitched it to Pat Paterson, and Vince McMahon as a joke. He fought for that belt harder than most guys were fighting for the world title at the time. Favorite all time wrestler is a tie Bret Hart. Sure, he still had two solid years with the company after that, but nothing ever equaled that match, or that moment.

The strength required to pull this off has to be unbelievable, and to pull it off on guys as big as Atom Bomb says a lot about Hall's physical conditioning. Along with Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Hemsley, and Sean Waltman (then known as the youthful 1-2-3 Kid, now the anarchist called X-Pac), they influence metahuman affairs behind the scenes.

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