Let's take a peek at some characters that would make for the best anime girlfriend! Shizuku checks her body, sadly remarking she is dead and asks the others what happened.
However, it was revealed that he was a fake member and that he had used his Nen ability to imitate the Phantom Troupe’s spider tattoo. [10] She was able to kill Ivlenkov and Baise with a single swing of her vacuum cleaner,[11] with which she also managed to knock Nobunaga out for some time (although catching him by surprise)[36] as well as to draw blood from Pike.
She then watched Feitan defeat Zazan. Shizuku believes in the rules that Chrollo set forth for the Phantom Troupe and is against members fighting one another. The Phantom Troupe serve as the main antagonists of this arc, although they act partially as anti-villains as a significant part of their motivation is to protect their friends.

[42] When they return legally, a "Chrollo" appears in their contact list. Nobunaga HazamaUvoginMachiHisoka (temporary associate)ShalnarkShizukuPakunodaFranklinBonolenovPhinksKortopiKalluto Zoldyck [27] She later reads Hisoka's shocking fortune, who reveals he disclosed her ability to the "Chain Dude", and discusses with Shalnark the differences between Conjuration and Manipulation.

He is an Enhancement type. She does not emote, even while announcing that according to her fortune, she would die within two weeks. Sections of this page. Illumi Zoldyck | Kalluto Zoldyck | Silva Zoldyck, Neutral Shizuku’s prophesied death didn’t happen in the month the fortune applied to, implying that the knowledge that the fortunes give can nullify them. He is a Manipulation type. Are the void fortunes now just foreshadowing? Chimera Ant Queen | Meruem | Shaiapouf | Menthuthuyoupi | Neferpitou, Zoldyck Family However all of them (except Hisoka) care deeply about each other. The events in Yorknew City weren't all that influenced this view; Kurapika's story played a huge role. Symbol Shizuku traveled to Yorknew city with the other troupe members to attack the auction, under the orders of Chrollo Lucilfer. Members of the Phantom Troupe usually rank quite high in character popularity polls. [4] Her physical strength ranks twelfth in the group.[5]. Alias She realized that Pike could have countered this by closing the wounds with his webs. [10] When the doors of the auction close, she waits in the hallway to get rid of anyone who manages to escape Franklin's slaughter. She has the ability to conjure a vacuum cleaner named Blinky which sucks in everything except for living things or objects made of Nen. Read on to get a taste of some of the more epic fights! When the Chimera Ant Zazan took over Meteor City, Shizuku and other members of the troupe went to fight the ants. A hostage exchange was set up to trade Gon and Killua for Chrollo. Full Name Not plot relevant but Togashi can always draw inspiration from the fortunes and make the Troupe die in similar ways to be “poetic”. Nen Shizuku and the other troupe members watched Uvogin kill the Shadow Beasts, and then witnessed him being captured by the "chain user". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community.

[28] Chrollo teams her up with Machi and Pakunoda to ensure her safety for the duration of the week. She then used Blinkey to clean up all of the blood … He lets loose with a disturbingly uncharacteristic bloodcurdling laugh.

The Spiders return to Meteor City, with Shizuku and Phinks discussing staying until Chrollo contacts them. His ability ‘Black Voice’ allows him to control his opponents through his phone by placing an antenna on them. Shizuku fought an ant named Pike. Phantom Troupe While they could easily be foreshadowing -Shalnark’s is- it would feel somewhat cheap to make sure these expired fortunes are fulfilled.

Siper - Killed by Illumi Agon - Sliced across the chest with a card by Hisoka. [3], Enhanced Agility: Shizuku can run on the sides of buildings and easily jump horizontally from one to another. Even his fellow Phantom Troupe members will succumb to its heat if they don't keep their distance. Franklin is one of the founding members of the troupe. She can be air-headed, which often causes opponents to underestimate her combat abilities. Alexander Pierce (Marvel Cinematic Universe), https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Phantom_Troupe?oldid=3985504, The Phantom Troupe are quite similar to the. Facebook. After meeting with the residents, the Spiders decide to take matters in their own hands.

Machi is one of the founding members of the troupe and is considered as the physically strongest female member in the troupe. Cookies help us deliver our Services. When Hisoka reveals himself as the go-between, Shizuku expresses her reserves. Origin [32] When, about five minutes before 19:00, a man with a radio begins to yell at the group, Shizuku asks Chrollo if he wants her to kill him, but the leader declined. The boy defeated her with difficulty, despite her using her non-dominant hand. [19] She is paired up with Franklin for the upcoming attack on the Cemetery Building. The Zodiac Twelve: The guide of Hunter X Hunter, Top 10 Characters Who Would Make the Best Anime Girlfriend, About

He is also a member of the Gyudondond tribe.

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