Why is the “First Degree” of adjectives called “positive”, when they can be very negative? 2. Examples: hot tea, old man, beautiful girl, white shirt, intelligent … “bad”, “awful” etc. His brother is better artist than him. They modify the attached nouns and give more information. Use ‘any’ if a comparison of things/person is outside the group.

This masterpiece is the second richest temple in the Asian nation. I saw three birds sitting on the tree. ← Determiners in English with Rules, Examples, and Exercise, Difference between British and American English Words →, Difference between British and American English Words, Adjective Definition, Types, Degrees, Examples and Exercise, Determiners in English with Rules, Examples, and Exercise, CBSE Class 12 Syllabus English Bio Math Physics Chem Com PE, Letter Writing Types Format Examples and Exercise, CBSE 10th New Syllabus English Hindi Maths Science S.St IT, Verbs Forms 1st, 2nd, 3rd, S, Es, Ing and Meaning in Hindi, His First Flight Solution Word Meanings and Question Answers, The Rattrap Solution Word Meanings and Question Answers, The Little Girl Solution Word Meanings Question Answers. Incorrect – These apples are more tastier than those. Three Degrees of Adjectives in English; Three Degrees of Adjectives Exercises With Answers 1. A superlative adjective is used to show a characteristic or a property of one thing (noun or pronoun) in a comparison to many other things (many things, more than one).It makes comparison of one thing to many other things.

(A) Manish is not so intelligent as Rudra.

For adjectives with three syllables or more, you form the comparative with more and the superlative with most.

3) When the positive ends in 'y' and has a consonant before it, we change 'y' into 'i' and then add 'er' and 'est'. @2020 - www.learnesl.net.

The positive degree of an adjective makes no comparison. 3.
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Correct – She is more sensible than clever. (C)  None is as very poor as Ram in my village. It makes comparison between two things (not more than two). My hostel is only marginally larger than yours. Two-syllable adjectives We don’t use quantifiers with superlative degrees of adjectives however there are sure phrases usually used with the superlative degrees of comparison. Noun                                                                  Adjective, Gold                                                                Golden, Beauty                                                             Beautiful, Duty                                                                 Dutiful, Glory                                                                GloriousGirl                                                                    Girlish, Boy                                                                   Boyish, Fool                                                                  Foolish.

Use ‘any other’ once the thing/person of the same group is compared. He is taller than any other boy in the college.

3. Words with more than two syllables take the “more” and “most” suffix. (C) Vimla’s hair is not so beautiful as Komal’s hair.


EX. The superlative degree compares a person, thing, activity, or quality with the group.

The Superlative Degree See more. Correct – These apples are tastier than those.

Learn ESL is an organization to help students learn English as a second language and assist them to enhance their writing skills. A superlative degree expresses highest intensity (i.e. Adjectives formed from the other Adjectives: There are three degrees of the Adjective:-. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 OPPN Media — Ascension WordPress theme by. 1. Don’t use double comparative adjectives or superlative adjectives. (B) Some other are the most handsome as my father. (B) no other boy in the college is as tall as he.

The comparative degree compares two people, things, actives, or qualities. He is an intelligent boy. Ans: (B) Pakistan is not so rich as China. After dinner, the orchestra began playing a series of more livelier melodies. 2. 1. A taller building than this one. (B) No other man in the village is as poor as Ram. The positive degree of an adjective makes no comparison and it just modifies or gives more information about a noun.

Komal’s hair is more beautiful than Vimla’s hair.

The biggest cat i have ever seen.

friendly               friendlier             the friendliest, adjectives                           more + adjective              the most + adjective, interesting          more interesting              the most interesting, boring   more boring       the most boring. This is the very book.

Superlative degree – The cat runs quickest of all animals.

For adjectives with three syllables or more, you form the comparative with more and the superlative with most.

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The Positive Degree The positive degree of an adjective makes no comparison. Q2 What is the adjective in the given sentence? ‘Than’ used after the comparative degree of adjective. ‘More’ is used once you compare qualities of one thing/person. (a)Definite number Adjective: These show the definite number of noun or pronoun.

(c) Distributive number Adjectives: These Adjectives denote the distribution.

Q3What is the adjective in the given sentence? Ans: (A) Manish is not so intelligent as Rudra. Degree of Comparison Example: In metropolitan cities, metros are by far the cheapest mode of transportation. Write your feedback down about three degrees of adjectives. These degrees of an adjective express the intensity of adjective in increasing order. Some adjectives have irregular comparative and superlative forms. A tall building. Little, whole, much, all, enough, some, etc. Your email address will not be published.

If the two-syllable adjectives ending with –y, change the y to “i” and add –er for the comparative form, and for the superlative form change the “y” to “i” and add –est.
There are some adjectives that are among ‘to’, like, inferior, preferable, prefer, elder. Sometimes modifiers are used to compare two or more people, things, actions, or qualities.

4. The adjective forms are positive, comparative, and superlative. 9.

Superlative Degree: The superlative Degree of an adjective represents the highest quality of a noun in comparison of all other nouns in a group. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Adjective change in form when they show comparison.

Emphasizing Adjective: These Adjectives emphasize upon the noun or pronoun.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (C) Manish is always intelligent to Rudra.

This boy is tall.


similar things ought to be compared.

Three Degrees of SeparationAdjectives Versus AdverbsIntroductionThree Degrees of SeparationTough Sledding: Using Adjectives After Linking VerbsA Note on Adjectives and Adverbs for Non-Native SpeakersDon't Use No Double Negatives Often, you'll want to … The Ganga is more famous river than any other river in India. Superlative Degree: An adjective is in superlative degree when it is used to compare more than two nouns/pronouns.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whereas dynamic the degree of comparison for the irregular adjectives, the word fully changes rather than adding ‘er’ or ‘est’. Words like “of” and “in” are used after a superlative degree in the sentence.

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