Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Metacritics rating: Sorry, Keanu (2016) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country. Also, be true to yourself, rather than trying to please those around you. Coming to Netflix just after Halloween 2020 and one of the movies that will be headlining the November 1st additions at least on Netflix in the US, is the Keanu Reeves thriller, Knock Knock.

That's the question two buddies find themselves pondering when they masquerade as drug dealers to infiltrate the criminal gang who snatched their kitty. Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor. Pick your movies, watch when you want, return, and repeat. Netflix has ordered a vigilante superhero movie titled Past Midnight from Dope director Rick Famuyiwa. エスパーだよ!』です。. Their latest attempt is Past Midnight, which is set to be directed by Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), with Keanu Reeves being eyed to star. by Kasey Moore Why you should watch: The movie itself leaves a lot to be desired, meaning that Reeves is definitely the highlight. (It looks like crystal meth.) Most of our subscribers receive their discs within two business days. 6.3 What it's about: "Ellen, a 20-year-old with anorexia nervosa, goes on a harrowing, sometimes funny journey of self-discovery at a group home run by an unusual doctor.". Fast, free delivery. Why you should watch: This movie has everything: jaw-dropping stunts, slick action sequences, and a powerful performance by Reeves as the leader of an underground fighting ring. One of the main characters is a regular pot smoker. Flirting, brief kissing. エスパーだよ!』は「もしも高校男子が超能力を使えたら?」のお話, 何がどう違う? Netflix, Hulu, U-NEXT, DMM見放題chライト, FODプレミアムを徹底比較!, クリント・イーストウッドの最新作『リチャード・ジュエル』が早くもNetflixで配信開始!, 【R18】AV級にエロい!? There are no real plot details available for the movie currently. Netflix certainly has enough money to throw around in order to make this appealing to him. Fans with access to streaming sites like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video can choose from Keanu staples like "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "The Watcher," as well as light-hearted rom-coms like "Always Be My Maybe.". Neon Where to watch: Netflix. Since 1998, DVD Netflix has been the premier DVD-by-mail rental service.

There are so many options out there, but most titles are not available today on the streamer. Blu-ray About Keanu Reeves. It scores a 53 on Metacritic with a 4.9 on IMDb as of the time of publishing. The movie joins a rather limited (although this is expected to grow) list of movies that are scheduled to arrive on Netflix on November 1st. All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images, logo's and videos are all copyright to their respective owners.

Drug manufacturing sites are shown. Ellen, a 20-year-old with anorexia nervosa, goes on a harrowing, sometimes funny journey of self-discovery at a group home run by an unusual doctor. There are also plenty of action movies featuring the actor that you can watch too, including "John Wick Chapter 3. Rotten Tomatoes rating:

Copyright What's on Netflix 2018. His work in John Wick also proves he has what it takes to pull of the vigilante superhero thing, which is likely why the creative team is keen on getting him signed on for the project. Amid the over-the-top content is the message that you shouldn't judge people based on their looks or demeanor; those who look "bad" can actually be good. Rent Keanu (2016) starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele on DVD and Blu-ray. Keanu Reeves plays an enigmatic cult leader in "The Bad Batch." Very strong language includes "f--k," "motherf----r," the "N" word," "s--t," "ass," "bitch," "balls," "d--k," and more. Note: Numerous Netflix titles drop off the service monthly, so the availability of titles below may change.

Why you should watch: Reeves manages to hold his own amongst A-listers like Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins, and his chemistry with costar Winona Ryder is sweet and believable. Sorry, Keanu (2016) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country. Netflix has had a lot of luck with such stories in TV series form, with their Marvel shows like The Punisher and Daredevil. Let us know in the comments.

Keanu Reeves Eyes Netflix Superhero Thriller Past Midnight. Why you should watch: Featuring masterful performances by stars Glenn Close and John Malkovich, and an adorable Keanu Reeves decked out in period costume, "Dangerous Liaisons" is a lush and sexy period drama that, despite its star-studded cast, really lets Reeves shine as the earnest and infatuated Chevalier Raphael Danceny. It’s the worst movie in the history of the world. Language is very strong, with multiple uses of "f--k," "s--t," the "N" word, "bitch," "ass," and more. One movie you can watch right now is click here. Samurai sword.

ウォシャウスキー兄弟(姉妹)監督が手掛けた「マトリックス」シリーズへの主演で一躍ハリウッドのトップスターとなったキアヌ・リーヴス。, 2017年には、『ジョン・ウィック:チャプター2』や、9月に登場したNetflixオリジナル作品『マッド・タウン』へもジム・キャリーと共に出演しています!, 日本好きで特にラーメンが好きだということでも有名ですが、そんな彼のおすすめ映画をご紹介したいと思います。, やはり本作は、彼の出演する映画の代表作にして最高傑作とも言うべき映画なのではないでしょうか。, スローモーションで映し出される弾丸やアクロバティックな動きを取り入れたスタイリッシュな映像美や重厚なSF要素、メッセージ性のあるストーリー、カンフー映画ばりのアクションなど・・・魅力的な点がたくさんありますよね!, そんな『マトリックス』シリーズを3部作全てお楽しみ頂くことが可能なので、3作品を好きな時に好きなだけ鑑賞できるのも贅沢です!, キアヌ・リーヴスが『マッド・タウン』の後に出演したNetflixオリジナル作品『心のカルテ』。, 本作が監督デビュー作となったマーティ・ノクソンの実体験を基に描かれた作品でもあります。, 拒食症を抱える20歳の主人公が、型破りな医師(キアヌ)が運営するグループホームへと入所することになり、心の痛みと向き合いながらも、彼との出会いによって自分自身を見つめ直していく、という感動のヒューマンドラマです!, また、『白雪姫と鏡の女王』でヒロインを演じたリリー・コリンズが、痩せこけた身体で迫真の演技を魅せていることも見どころです!, 『ホステル』シリーズで有名で、『アイアンフィスト』の脚本・製作を務めたことでも知られるイーライ・ロス監督が、スターを主演に迎えてメガホンを取ったサスペンス・スリラー。, ある日、家族と幸せな生活を送っていた主人公の元に、道に迷ってずぶ濡れの二人の美女がやってきて、魅惑的な彼女らをつい家に招き入れてしまうも、突如として二人が凶暴性を見せ始める・・・というストーリーです。, 誘惑に負けてしまった主人公に対して感情移入しやすい男性には特に楽しめる作品となっておりますが、キアヌの普段見れない細かな演技や表情が見れることは間違いないでしょう!, 『フューリー』『スーサイド・スクワット』の監督が2008年にキアヌとタッグを組んだクライム・アクション。, 『マトリックス』で演じたネオとは真逆のキャラクターで“正義のためならどんな手段も厭わない”、そんなベテラン刑事を見事に演じており、一匹狼で巨悪の陰謀と孤高に戦う姿が描かれます!, また、「何が正義で、何が悪なのか」という善悪がテーマになっており、考えさせられるストーリーやラストの衝撃的展開にも目が離せません!, 弁護士である父親殺害容疑で逮捕された息子の弁護をいき受けることになった主人公(キアヌ)が、嘘にまみれた法廷で真実を暴いていく、というストーリーです。, 本作で母親役に扮する『ブリジット・ジョーンズの日記』のレニー・ゼルヴィガーの演技も光っていますが、アクション映画のイメージが強いキアヌ・リーヴスにしては珍しい法廷映画だったものの、アメリカらしく迫力満点で緊迫に満ちた法廷で彼が魅せる圧巻の演技には思わず見入ってしまうほどです!, ウィル・スミスのようにNetflixオリジナル作品にも出演するキアヌ・リーヴスは、これからもどんどんNetflixオリジナルに登場していくのではないでしょうか。, これら5作品の他にも、大ヒット映画『ジョン・ウィック』やアメコミ実写映画の『コンスタンティン』などが配信されており、まだまだキアヌ・リーヴスをお楽しみいただくことができますので、ぜひ検索してみて下さい!. Related: Yes, Keanu Reeves Has Still Got It, and Here's the Proof The reviews for this movie differ wildly with the scores reflecting how split audiences are. Why you should watch: "To the Bone" does its best to handle its subject matter — eating disorders and body dysmorphia — with grace and humor, but it's Reeves who really gets the message across as the kind and charismatic Dr. Beckham. Netflixで観れる『スプラッター・ホラー』映画5選!【仮面の殺人鬼・スリラー篇】, エッチな目的以外には使わねえ!『みんな! What it's about: "Banished to a wasteland of rebels, a young woman struggles to find her feet among a drug-soaked desert society and an enclave of cannibals.". since. Is Keanu on Netflix United States? NetflixReleases is an unofficial site for Netflix fans. When we announced the movie was coming to Netflix on Facebook yesterday, it elicited some rather negative responses with one saying: “This is undeniably the very worst movie I have ever seen.” and another “do not waste your time on this garbage pail of a damn movie. Keanu is no ordinary cat, but is the feline worth dying for? 『マトリックス』シリーズで演じたネオ役で一躍ハリウッドのトップスターとなったキアヌ・リーヴス。『スピード』や『47RONIN』も素晴らしかったですね!そんな彼がNETFLIXオリジナル作品に登場していたことをご存知でしたか?

Netflix has ordered a vigilante superhero movie titled Past Midnight from Dope director Rick Famuyiwa. When the adorable kitten of an L.A. crime kingpin unexpectedly enters the life of two cousins, they will have to go through tough gangs, pitiless hit-men, and ruthless drug dealers who all claim him, to get him back. John Wick 3 films this year, but he should be free to take on Past Midnight after that wraps, should he so choose. Little did he know he was inviting in two ladies with nefarious goals. As you may know, Netflix’s licenses with providers such as Lionsgate, Sony, Warner, and others all renew on the first of the month.

A computer hacker learns that what most people perceive as reality is actually a simulation created by machines, and joins a rebellion to break free.

Will you be watching Knock Knock when it arrives on Netflix USA on November 1st?
Part of what makes the project so appealing, apart from being a superhero movie in an age where superhero movies continue to be by far the biggest movies on the planet, is the fact that Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are on board to produce the movie. Keanu Reeves Eyes Netflix Superhero Thriller ‘Past Midnight’. One month free trial! What We've Learned from the Netflix Nielsen Viewing Stats, Netflix Teen-Vampire Drama 'First Kill' Season 1: Everything We Know So Far, Every Viewing Statistic Netflix Has Released So Far (October 2020), What’s New on Netflix This Week & Top 10s: October 18th, 2020, What We’ve Learned from the Netflix Nielsen Viewing Stats, Netflix Teen-Vampire Drama ‘First Kill’ Season 1: Everything We Know So Far, What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: October 19th to 25th, 2020, What’s on Netflix is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Netflix or any of its partners in any capacity. In addition to being the internet's favorite boyfriend, Keanu Reeves has starred in numerous movies, some of which are available to watch right now. Then there's Keanu Reeves, who hasn't officially signed on yet, but he's been on the rise again in recent years. Plus, he tries his best at an English accent, and seems totally at ease in period costumes — what's not to like? He was attached to direct The Flash movie for Warner Bros. at one point, but left over creative differences, which led to the studio doing a page-one rewrite, ultimately turning it into a Flashpoint adaptation. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images and videos are all copyright to their respective owners. Free delivery to your mailbox and free returns. Whether you've ran out of self-isolation movies to watch, or just want to appreciate Reeves in all his glory, here are nine Keanu Reeves movies you can stream right now. on October 8, 2020, 2:40 pm EST. What it's about: "When the authorities find a drowned woman's body, a small-town psychic stars having visions of who committed the murder.".

Why you should watch: While it's not the best of the "John Wick" movies (that would be the first one), "Parabellum" is still a worthy installment in the franchise, and lets Reeves do what he does best: namely, killing bad guys and taking names, all while looking cool as can be.

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