Megma is genuinely scary... John Megna was my Engligh teacher at Monroe High years ago. Who the heck was John Megna, you ask?Maybe this will help. Thank you. Was sorry to hear that damn AIDS got him. It is only such an individual who could leave such an impression after so few roles. "My One and Only Love" wa... Harper Lee's first and only novel, To Kill a Mockingbird , was published in 1960. (I believe that Megna was his real name, and not a stage name.) Megna (might the name have been an issue?? Midnight Cowboy won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director; it is the only X-rated film to win an Oscar in any category. I knew John to be generous, kind, and a gifted director. Megna was NOT his real last name, it was Ingolia. Not Now. What freaks me out is that the character Dill was actually based on Lee's childhood friend Truman Capote! He was my teacher on 1989 1990 at hollenbeck Jr high in Los Angeles beautiful person and kind. John never had a body guard at Holy Cross. I just watched John Megna on Alfred Hitchcock's episode of the magic shop. Here are some of the best and most touching or interesting: John Megna was my honors English teacher in Jr. High. Dill is Jem and Scout Finch’s summer neighbor and friend, and he represents the perspective of childhood innocence throughout Harper Lee’s novel. I remember you well. John Megna (9 November 1952 – 5 September 1995; age 42) was a well-known child actor, best known for his role of Dill in the film To Kill A Mockingbird (with Brock Peters, William Windom, Frank Overton, Paul Fix, and Richard Hale).
He died on September 5, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, USA. (Parker & Megna) I remember him as a kid sometimes playing outside the store. John Megna was my Engligh teacher at Monroe High years ago. Always gotta be somebody who makes a rude, unnecessary comment. It was very sad when she passed on. I remember that John would steal my hat right off my head and run around the school yard with it, while I chased him. Most significantly (in my humble onion), he portrayed the “Young Hyman Roth” in The Godfather Part II (1974). I realized that I hadn't seen him since I was a child,we both were born the same year. Now I realize that I guess he just liked me back then, but I was too young then to understand that. Maybe she never learned that it's best to keep quiet when you can't say something nice.

The comment section has turned out to be a really unique place for a small group of people who knew John Megna to leave little crumbs of memory and knowledge. And you're probably uglier. Sorry to hear he passed away so young. Was proud to know John and be a part of his dinner theater group on the Jersey Shore back in the 1980's. Not a bad guy…. He would reappear on my own personal cultural radar in season one of Star Trek, in the episode “Miri,” originally broadcast on October 27, 1966 (two days after I was born). He was a truly gifted child actor. L.G.

I’m sorry that we lost touch, and I was sad to hear of his passing so young. I hope more comes. 5. He grew up in Queens, NY and attended Holy Cross High School, always followed by a “body guard”. We were in a production of Woyteck together in his first semester. I liked reading most of the posted comments here, except for the "rude Holly" one. Forgot account? On September 5, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, he died from AIDS-related complications (damn, you hate to see that) at the age of 42 (source).

Very sad to see he has passed away. Hey all, I just wanted to say how special these comments on this particular post have been all these (gasp) eight years. So sorry to learn of his early death. He was a terrific guy, and a good actor.

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He talked about staying after school and being involved in school activities to make your high school years count. He was always such a striking and memorable child. Loved him as Dil…, Megna was his real name. And the scene could've been important to portray how far back the relationship between him and the Corleones, especially since we know what he wanted to do to Michael years later. John, you gave many of us some nice memories. L.G. John Megna was Connie Stevens 1/2 brother. R.I.P. That's why you made the stupid ass coment. I far prefer Sinatra's version of this, but this one is sublimely beautiful and exquisite, as well! He wouldn't think highly of you either, HOLLY. I was just a little kid, and he kicked me when I was down... Kinda hard to be upset now that I just found out he passed so long ago... Well... May he rest in peace and I will close my thoughts and feelings about this. I'm guessing Capote was a much....stranger child than Dill though. Was proud to know John and be a part of his dinner theater group on the Jersey Shore back in the 1980’s. Not a bad guy...-KA. This article is a “reprint” of a blog post about him back in February 2009, one of the most consistantly popular posts at my now defunct blog. Mostly right, except for the "body guard" part. or. He was a bit wild then. 436 people follow this. 21 check-ins. He was an actor, known for, 57 Years After Its Release, To Kill a Mockingbird Is Returning to Theaters, Blu-ray Review: 50th Anniversary Edition of Beloved ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, Exclusive: Cecilia Peck Talks To Kill a Mockingbird Blu-ray, Magnificent Images from Movies: Behind-the-Scenes, From Sutter's Crick... And Beyond Farewell. His father owned a drug store in Brooklyn, NY. Dill is Jem and Scout Finch’s summer neighbor and … johnny was a sweet guy, my wife worked for his sister ava when she started at bob dylans studio. I went to Christ the King grammar school(we were in the same class) & he’d come into class & make us laugh, he was a nice kid. John Megna was my honors English teacher in Jr. High.RC... A must see is the Alfred Hitchcock episode "The Magic Shop".

I went to Christ the King grammar school(we were in the same class) & he'd come into class & make us laugh, he was a nice kid. I didn't know that John had passed. About See All. John Megna was born on November 9, 1952 in Queens, New York, USA as John Anthony Ingolia. I studied with John at Cornell, and also knew him when I lived in LA for a few years. John Megna was born John Ingolia on November 9, 1952 in Queens, New York City. School finally ended and summer came…and so did Dill. What is particulary interesting about it is the number of comments left by people, many of who came into contact with Megna during his relatively short life. The e-... John J. Welder Home carriage stone and gate post. John Megna, Actor: To Kill a Mockingbird. See more of John Megna Pro Shop on Facebook.

I always wondered what happened to him, I saw many of the movies he was in.

performed some on the stage, and according to his IMDb entry, he appeared in several more minor TV and movie roles throughout the ’70s and early ’80s. I studied with John at Cornell, and also knew him when I lived in LA for a few years. Anyway, I did this reprint of the post at Medium, with an additional section with my favorite comments highlighted: He was the half-brother of singer and actress Connie Stevens. Create New Account. I knew him in grammar school; he was in my younger sister’s class at Christ the King, in Springfield Gardens, NY. In those days, the 8th grade girls wore different hats than the other girls. I knew john from blessed sacrament grammar school in bayside queens.he and his sister transferted to the school when john wad in 5th grade. He played a little boy in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "Miri". You never really look at Dill the same way again once you know that! I suspect he fully embraced life otherwise he would not have had such range. Log In. His father was a pharmacist and his mother was a nightclub …

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