Thank god!”. Next Up In News. Dick rushed over as soon as he heard, and offered Bruce his help in tracking down the Joker. But it’ll be quite some time before Jason manages to eclipse the story he’s most famous for. Enjoy unlimited access to exclusive original DC series, animated movies, select legendary films and TV shows, a curated list of DC comics and more. It follows a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. The issue’s final pages are of Batman arriving just in time to watch the building blow up.

The poll is just for fun — not for Jason Todd’s fate. “Some pop culture historians have argued that Robin was a vital ingredient in Batman’s half-century of popularity, a necessary counter-balance to the essential grimness of the Batman mythos, and I was not sure they were wrong.”. “In effect,” O’Neil said in 1988, “extend our policy of heeding the opinions fans express in letters and conversations at conventions and comic shops.”. Nevertheless there’s a lot of people who want him dead with the ‘kill him’ option tracking slightly higher at 51% of the vote after 12,000 votes have been counted. Meanwhile, Batman discovered that a cash-poor Joker was recouping his funds in an alarming way: by selling a nuclear warhead to Lebanese terrorists. ... Jason to live — and other DC staff hanging around the offices, biting their nails well into the final evening of the poll.

These pages offer the tiniest of glimpses at the 30 years of Batman history that might have been, if not for 10,614 phone calls, and, perhaps, one guy with a computer. In both pages, Batman says roughly the same thing: “I’ll handle this by myself. With Jason in a coma and Batman still vowing to work alone, who’s to say the Dark Knight might not have entered into a lone wolf period all the same? Then, they tried to defeat it. The 10 best Batman comics of all time [Lights up Batsignal] Read this. The description refers to the 1988 Batman story arc A Death in the Family, in which the second issue ended with the potential death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. But in the meanwhile, DC Universe’s forums have something for them to do: Vote on whether Jason should live or die. By. Well, if you missed that notorious moment in comic book history, you can now head over to DC Universe and vote on the fate of the second Boy Wonder once again!The original poll ran in 1988’s Batman #427. DC repeats history by asking fans if Robin should live or die on Titans, 15 recent sci-fi books that forever shaped the genre. Fans were split on Jason, at least from what DC editorial could tell. If you are not a current Alpha, New HIS DARK MATERIALS Trailer Shows Subtle Knife in Action, How a DEXTER Revival Could Save the Series’ Legacy, THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR Subverts Gothic Romance, GREASE Prequel Series About the Pink Ladies on the Way, Halloween Gets Fabulous with DRAGULA: RESURRECTION Special, How a DEXTER Revival Could Save the Series' Legacy, Terry Pratchett's THE WATCH Gets a Teaser and Release Date, Wayne Knight Plays Newman Again to Defend USPS, 7 Questions We Have After THE BOYS Season 2 Finale, PEN15 Truly Captured the Plight of a Drama Club Techie. Read from a curated list of modern and classic digital comics on our world-class comic reader. But Jason almost didn’t die.

Explore DC characters and storylines via latest news, curated playlists andour interactive encyclopedia. DC UNIVERSE is available in the U.S. on iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and the Roku platform, as well as the web and mobile web, with more platforms coming soon. But what if Jason Todd had lived? Titans is a dramatic, live-action adventure series that explores and celebrates one of the most popular comic book teams ever. Was he new take on Robin that offered pathos, drama, and a challenge for Batman? Jason Peter Todd ist ein fiktiver Superheld aus den Comics von DC Comics. This isn’t the first time that Jason’s fate was left to the whims of others; will history repeat itself or will he live to mouth off another day?”. In it, Batman cradled Jason’s battered body, his face raised to the sky in a rare smile, the tonal opposite of the published image, in which he sorrowfully lifted Jason’s corpse. O’Neil and his creative teams might have taken the opportunity to have Jason sit out for a while, let the audience cool off, and then let him earn his costume back. On the 80th anniversary of Robin’s first appearance, Polygon is excited to present a look at some of that unfinished issue, including a high-resolution scan of rarely seen work from writer Jim Starlin, penciller Jim Aparo, and inker Mike DeCarlo straight from DC Comics’ archives. Jason Todd was “the logical candidate,” O’Neil said. Maybe he’d have tried to get Dick Grayson to return, only to don the Robin costume himself to save his mentors’ lives.

A Death in the Family originally ran through Batman #426-429. In the published version of Batman #428, the same page depicts Jason’s funeral, where Alfred asks Bruce if he should get in touch with Dick Grayson. In the early 1980s, Dick Grayson, having aged out of the Robin identity, became Nightwing, leaving Batman without a partner for the first time since 1940. Favreau On “Mandalorian” Movie & S3 Shoot, Showtime Scraps Clinton’s “President” TV Series, New Trailers: Empty, Sylvie, Ammonite, Woman, Goldwyn Replaces Schreiber In “King Richard”. THE MCU Graveyard: Every (Really) Dead Marvel Movie Character, I Had to Abandon My Game After 4 Years And It Nearly Broke Me, Netflix's The Trial of the Chicago 7 Review, The Boys' Boss Is a Marvel Fan But Finds the MCU 'Dangerous', Die Hard's John McClane Is Back — In a Car Battery Commercial, How Dexter's Return Can Set Things Right With Fans, Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition Review, fans can determine whether Jason lives or dies, Titans looks to be making a big change to Batman continuity, a closer look inside the new Titans Tower headquarters, DC's long history of introducing older versions of Bruce Wayne, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You.

Dieser Artikel behandelt die Person Jason Todd, für andere Personen, die die Identität Red Hoods hatten, siehe Red Hood. Tim, named for Tim Burton, director of the new but not-yet-released Batman motion picture, was a bright kid who’d been in the circus audience the night Dick Grayson’s parents died. Watch exclusive original series, legendary features, classic TV series, epic animated movies and more. Jim Starlin and artist Jim Aparo’s 1988 comic Batman #426 kicked off A Death in the Family, which saw Jason Todd discovering that his biological mother might still be alive, then running away on a globe-trotting trip to unearth her identity. He is the second character to assume the role of Robin and the second character to take up the Red Hood alias. Staff at the company had been toying with the idea of using a then-cutting edge phone-polling system to allow DC readership real input on a story. The poll lets fans speculate on the fate of Jason Todd following the end of the latest episode of TITANS. Maybe they would have done it less than a year later, with Jason wary and more obedient from that time he disobeyed Batman’s orders and nearly got him killed. Catch-up on Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders now.

Limited. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Enjoy unlimited access to exclusive original series, legendary films and TV series, epic animated movies, a curated list of comics and more. A democratic vote would answer the question. But despite that turnout, the tally was in favor of Jason’s death by a mere 72-vote margin. It had to be one that DC editorial genuinely wanted reader input on, and — since each phone call would cost a reader all of 50 cents — it had to be one that fans genuinely cared about. Every few minutes, they’d call the special phone number that allowed them to check on the vote tally, and nail-bite some more. It’s been about a year since DC Universe did their last poll on whether Jason Todd should live or die. There is a precedent for killing Jason Todd via the whims of the masses. He only donned the suit when Two-Face trapped both senior vigilantes in a collapsed building, and he declined to don it again without Batman and Nightwing’s permission.

But the poll couldn’t be just any question. (In later years, O’Neil has said that while he has no hard proof, he heard that “one guy [...] programmed his computer to dial the thumbs down number every 90 seconds for eight hours.”). The tragic ending was the one chiseled into comic history. The poll is just for fun — not for Jason Todd’s fate. To anyone who asked why Batman was such a loner, such a disciplinarian to his partners, such a hardass about who got to play vigilante in Gotham City, readers pointed to the glass case in the Batcave that contained a child’s empty costume. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. In the first line of his postscript in the first collected edition of that story, Batman editor Denny O’Neil protested his own culpability in Robin’s death with one quote, “We didn’t kill the Boy Wonder. Daily news program and exclusive members only shop. The full page reveals more, including the arrival of Dick Grayson to Jason’s hospital room — although a penciled note in the margins says to strike him, and redraw the panels in favor of having Alfred in the scene instead. Oddly enough, these two missions led them to cross paths, foil the Joker, and find Jason’s real mom — where they cross paths with the Joker once more. Nov. 16, 2018

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