Bring sunglasses. This conversation is interesting. It’s awful. I have so many things I want to write about and want to say, and I’ve been constrained for so long by time and money and energy and creativity and my brand’s image. You could always try being a hiking or fishing guide. :), Hahaha except it wasn’t March and November, it was October and December … hoo boy!

I work just enough to keep my job use less energy to enjoy my life with family, friends and passion for my hobbie. I hate work. No, occupational therapists complement physical therapists – they deal with helping people do physical tasks that they have trouble with (eg tying one’s shoes or walking.). I agree to an extent – I’ve come a long, long way with my depression, and one step of the process was recognizing that I have the agency to make choices that can make me happier. I was late every day and was constantly caught on social media. This is a good point. And, even cancers with relatively good outcomes absolutely DO consume the lives of cancer sufferers. Now I have a day job making around half what the old job paid, I spend the rest of my time pursuing an art career, and I could not be happier. Library support in a small town. If anyone has a mental condition (depression, anxiety, etc), your advice can be very damaging. OP, taking up meditation might help.

I have friends who have depression who have not yet found a med/med combo that they can actually deal with life on. Everybody needs a little guidance and/or help now and then. I think we can eliminate juvenile just because he is aware of it. “But I have a wife and child who have to eat and have to have a place to live and the only thing worse than work is seeing them go hungry or evicted from our home (my wife doesn’t work because we both want her to stay at home with our daughter).”. They will be able to help you far better with a diagnosis. Another thing I’ve heard people say, which is very similar to your comment, is that “No-one can make you feel anything, you CHOOSE how you respond to people.” Not on purpose, but having to think over something challenging makes me feel like I need a break when really it will be strenuous whenever I do it. And even then it may take a lot of legwork to find a medical professional who properly diagnoses you.

Simple logic! Checking takes less than 2 minutes and will not affect your score. They might also be able to suggest ways to continue therapy in an affordable manner. While not working EVER would be divine…you get that only by winning the lottery and since you have a better chance of being struck by lightening – why don’t you try the career counselling route. So along with finding a good therapist, and other suggestions people have, I would definitely through in a complete physical. In fact, I’m hoping to be fired from my current job because it, and my records of severe mental and physical illness will be more than enough to get me out of work for good and on SSDI. Anytime you start experiencing a strong physical reaction to emotional situations you need to make a change. I have similar experiences at work. That’s just not healthy. It’s not. Then, take a look at our Ideal Career Path Guide for a more in-depth exploration of the best career field for you. 14 Smart Things to do Before You Quit Your Job, How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Earn $20+/Hour. When you’re with your friends and family, you can’t help but think about what happened at work that day. My experience through most of my life was really similar to yours, and a few years with a good therapist has made such a world of difference I can barely articulate it. If the OP found something he really wanted to do, thinking of it in terms of “I do the 9-5 so I can enjoy the 5-9” might be of some help.

Sure. I knew from my early teenage years (I was born in 1968) that I wasn’t “normal” because of my difficulty relating to others and making/keeping friends and I suffered from depression and anxiety all the time (those two conditions are very common with people with Asperger syndrome – hardly surprising because we often feel alienated and ostracized by society).

But I am a success story, because I am not killing someone, neither my co-workers nor myself. Have you ever actually dealt with cancer up close? This was my thought, too (still get therapy, OP). It’s like, if I tried this treatment that everyone is saying is great and works for them so well, and it doesn’t work for me – is that my fault?

This is me. I didn’t get abused; I didn’t miss out on a major experience like a school play or a sports event or getting an award or going to a dance merely because I had to attend work instead. I play games on my phone, I text anyone that I think will respond do me. For the former, I’m thinking jobs with more of a physical labor component. Agreed. 1 in 6 adults walking the earth today have been sexually abused in childhood. I am not doing what I want to do. It kills me to see her try so hard to “choose to be happy”, to be more like me, and it just doesn’t work at all because her illness is in her way. Don't let that happen to you!

Didn’t care to socialize much with coworkers beyond what was necessary. And more importantly, he can’t stop us from feeling as we do no matter how many internet threats he throws down. Helping others is an idea that redeems the OP, but the rest of the things on the list are just about personal pleasure. I’m so sick of it. (I do not think the OP is one of the latter! I am adding “be the Chopin of happiness” to my list of ambitions. I also find it fascinating that Mr. “Don’tDownvote” himself chose a handle suggesting HE be exempted from criticism of any kind, and made it clear from the outset that he is above reading the OP’s letter, AAM’s response, or any of the comments — so eager is he to rush right in and offer the precise hackneyed and useless response that has ALREADY BEEN SHOT DOWN on this page MULTIPLE TIMES, chiefly because it bears NO RELEVANCE to the problem or the solution. For the latter, maybe you should look into jobs where there is naturally lots of down time. . I seriously need it.. Been missing work days a lot and my manager is starting to wonder the cause.. Just because work is a requirement to make money, doesn’t mean it is what you want to do with your existence. Not everyone needs to be a go getter, sheesh; see LilyinNYC’s comment), then for a baby all day isn’t for you. I’m not lazy–at home I’m unstoppable–but I’d love to see more workplaces offer part time schedules for professional level jobs. Doing some major soul searching for myself. My coworker asked me out and started following me out to my car -> “He’s got Asperger’s.”, My boss is verablly abusive -> “She must be bipolar.”. If there is something for me, it is elusive and I haven’t found it after years of searching.

If that’s not an option or too expensive ( they can be)…try searching online for “career planning workbooks” that you fill out by yourself and see what comes out of it. That said, what is unusual, I think, is the severity of your negative feelings about work. Or even if she was a high earner at one point, if she’s been out of the workforce for 10 years and doesn’t have any local contacts, she likely can’t just jump back in at a job that pays well enough to support a family. Or, maybe you’ll prefer a job where there is much more latitude to goof off.

Glad you were looking out for me, and, your suggestion is taken to heart. I haven’t found it yet. In fact, she doesn’t just hate it—she’s terrified of it. It may be an issue, may not. As far as personal calls at work, @Jen RO, I think what irritates people is when someone spends their time on their cell phone instead of doing what they should be doing. Well this is getting long winded, and is straying from responding to the OP, so I will wrap up. He needs it. All my life everyone I new works and lives with stress regardless if your rich or poor. It’s like, I don’t always feel like doing something, so if a situation arises where I feel like I must (that show I love comes on today at 7pm, my friends want to get dinner tonight, I have to get up and go get my hair cut tomorrow morning) I just get so cranky about it if it’s not what I feel like doing at that moment. Prior I was a truck driver and was not happy at all.

Trust me, I see no problem with people needing to take a little mental rest every once in while at work. So, logically speaking, I could only conclude that the things which bugged me were actually NOT those things which I SAID were the problem. I just cannot think of any type of work that would inspire me. There is something you can do about it! She will not focus on the fact that baristas all over the city would give their eyeteeth for her job, any more than said baristas will focus on the fact that homeless people all over the city would give their eyeteeth for THEIR jobs. This may be money (and lots of it), respect, success, prestige, intellectual challenge or something else – it varies from person to person. If the entire point of all your activities is to be part of something greater than yourself, and keep up with the Joneses, than going to a place to do something you don’t like , or you’re not good at, or where you are treated like crap is not so bad because social approval is more important to you than your likes/dislikes. Even when I do have a job, I do as little as possible. I started working for target in 2017 during thanksgiving at first I liked cause everyone was nice and the team really helped out. (And I totally agree that men should be reading it! Reaching out to strangers on the internet is an incredible combination of desperate and brave. It’s terribly frustrating when capable people, who want nothing other than to make an honest living with the skills they acquired in university, are somehow denied employment for trivial reasons. I saw a couple of episodes of Ben Fogle’s new lives in the wild and it had examples of people who used to do city jobs and then gave to it up to live off grid.

Althought I hate everything about work, I love technology and science. I admit I’m really fascinated by happiness research and read all of it I can get my hands on. I’ll go ahead and say it’s bad advice. When we lived outside of it, our health and circumstances suffered because we simply did not have access to the resources. We have also identified someone in our community with a similar childhood trauma experience who is helping us with a referral to a doctor. My grief isn’t more just because it’s mine, and you don’t lose the right to grieve just because I am grieving something different.” I see that being similar here – just because my problem isn’t on the same magnitude as someone else’s doesn’t mean I don’t feel it acutely. The point at which they can’t endure any more. EAPs can usually provide at least a few sessions of results-focused therapy at no charge. I recently discovered a job was secretly hiring (meaning they wanted someone but they weren’t advertising it yet) so I mentioned it to my friend. How do I stop hating my job? This kind of thing doesn’t work for everyone or for every situation, but I’ve seen is help for the whiny-ish type of pity party and “woe is me.”. I’m not lazy. You like what you do and your employer is thankful you are there working for them. I take antidepressants, but they don’t make me happy.

It wasn’t until the anxiety attacks stopped right after he left, that I realized that there’d maybe been something very wrong with that relationship.

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