Pm me if you'd like to know more about the area and my landlord. A person buys at a level he will accept from a seller willing to sell at that level.

Germantown is 1/2 really nice and 1/2 one of the worst areas of Philadelphia, then as you travel down to Girard College -- East Falls is very nice, but remote, Strawberry Mansion should be 100% avoided, and Brewerytown as well with the exception of just a few blocks north of Girard near the Aldis. Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! If it's a private landlord, craigslist is the easiest way to post it.

just because of a pretty face, your relationship is destined to crumble.

They do used cars too, and I have had good luck buying through them, though they ended up finding me a new one for the same price CL people were asking for used ones, so I bought new through them. The revelation that comes is the Guy himself isn’t quite sure what he’s looking for; he just knows he’s looking.

People wanting MORE than MSRP on their three year old car because they installed some aftermarket parts, or listing their six-month old vehicle at MSRP because 'you don't have to pay dealer fees'.

To avoid seeing the ones you mentioned that seem way too cheap to be true, set a minimum price, too.

All of the popular pricing sites adjust by region now - put in a different zip code and you'll get a different price. And from a former fellow teacher of SDP -- best of luck. People on r/denverlist told me I was still too high, but I got over 10 emails about it in a 24 hour period.

I imagine it's a dice roll though, I would assume you want to rent in the city. With Ben Sinclair, Kate Lyn Sheil, Britt Lower, Abdullah Saeed.

You just need to be firm, but sympathetic to their situations. But those two steps should happen regardless of where you purchase the car. If none of the deals you have pursued have worked out, it seems you are not willing to pay what the market wants.

I've found every house I've ever rented using this method on Craigslist and I've had great landlords! As far as the scams, they are pretty easy to identify.

That's what we call free market. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you don't want to buy from them, great. People wanting $5,000 over Edmund's pricing on a $20,000 car. The tenant was breaking their lease and the landlord was OK with it if they brought in the next tenant (me), so they put an ad up on CL and I saw the apt that night. But if you see a deal that's too good to be true that's because it is.

If it doesn't have pictures it is not necessarily a scam, but it is probably a really shitty place, old and dirty.

I was kind of hoping to find a place in May or June to avoid the student rush. Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. I grew up in Roxborough but haven't lived in the city as an adult. SEE THE PROPERTY, 6.

Also most of them have been renovated to varying degrees of quality over the last 100 years, so they may have weird layouts, strange additions, kitchens in the basement, etc. Episode 2, “Craig,” returns to the pre-established format, with a focus on clients.

Apparently the entire landlord population of DC is currently doing God's work in Ghana and oh by the way ignore that for-sale sign outside the house I'm supposedly renting. Do a little research. Cash for Clunkers took all the really cheap cars off the market, too. It wasn't a beater either, it was a late model Subaru.

I am seeing a TON of Craigslist posts for apartments that seem ridiculously low by the standards of the area where I'm living now, where $1800 is the norm for a new-construction studio: lots of $900 rowhomes or $700 2-bedrooms, but all without pictures and with just a 215 or 610 phone number listed. Has anyone done apartments through Craigslist, especially in the Roxborough/Germantown area down through Girard College? You just have to know how to sift through the garbage. There is in the world of HBO's High Maintenance, which remains the most intuitive, empathetic show on TV about what it's like living in the city right now. I had people try to crazy lowball me, but I didn't back down. Watching Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld’s creation shift from its origins as a web series to a grown-up half-hour comedy has been fascinating.

That's what it's hard to know place-hunting from afar. Just watch out for the scams (1.

Although if you look hard enough and get lucky you can usually find a rowhome for cheaper.

I've always sold my stuff right about KBB regional value, and my buyer was happy and I was happy.

All rights reserved. Is there some sort of intense haggling tradition in Denver which leads people to list at a 20% premium expecting to be talked down, or are people here just insane?

I have been researching (partly by shopping for) my next car since my current one has quite a few miles at this point and is overdue for a variety of (likely more expensive than it is worth investing in) preventative maintenance. You might also try talking to an auto broker.

First, I've always used Craigslist and I like it because it's still mostly private landlords renting for less than market value or what it would cost through a company. No pics can be a red flag.

Befitting a premise rooted in drug use, there are touches of surreality. There's a ton of available housing in Philly if you're willing to slum it a bit, but there's a pretty tight supply of newer houses so the landlords charge through the nose for it.

I actually would've stayed in the District if my position wasn't cut.

EDIT: Thanks for all the advice, everybody. That's the best way to do it in these neighborhoods. “Sexuality is powerful… powerful enough to make you ignore reality,” says Henry Cloud, Ph.D, relationship psychologist and bestselling author of The Power of the Other.

If those cars are on Craigslist for more than 3 weeks, they're definitely overpriced.

Bring someone with you to look at it. Require (ing) a lot of money or attention to appearance.

We won't move until mid to late July, but I've been trawling Craigslist just to get a sense of prices and the area.

The Season 3 premiere begins with a bit of a departure. Same thing. Sinclair and Blichfeld’s world feels real and lived in — a real show, about a real city.

Never had any problems. First, make sure you check "has pictures" - you don't want to entertain any postings that can't take the time to show the place off.

I'm reading through your previous responses and have to comment. any sort of transfer from the web to television.

I got all of my past apartments from Craigslist, but I was in West Philly/University City.

Agreed that if I was looking for some sort of highly specific/iconic Colorado vehicle it wouldn't be nearly as relevant, but that isn't the case for me. I have seen that email a lot. Just go check the place out first. It seems you have been shopping on Craigslist (a fairly open market) for a couple of weeks and every car you are interested in is, for some or the other reason, priced higher than you think is reasonable. 3.

But you will get a good idea of the fully loaded value of that vehicle.

Make sure you can go see the apartment before you commit because in addition to the actual living space you'll also want to get a feel for whether you like the neighborhood. This is easily 80% of what I'm seeing on Craigslist. I don't recommend them, but they employ a lot of people who's only job is to be on top of the going price for a particular car in a particular location.

“High Maintenance” Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 20, at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. Some red flags are if you see the same thing listed 4 or 5 times it is a scam, and usually if it has professionally taken photos it is a scam (unless it's an apartment complex). I haven't shopped for a vehicle for years, is it this bad everywhere? Cuyahoga jco/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 During the winter holidays, the Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) shows up in home and garden centers as an alternative for a living Christmas tree.At first, the plant seems low maintenance, but that is because it is entering your home during its period of rest, when it needs less light and water.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The only character in every episode is a pot dealer (Sinclair), known as The Guy; he serves as the entry point to a quasi-anthology series that concentrates on his customers, highlighting a diverse range of lifestyles and cultures.

Now, we’re seeing the once-risky “High Maintenance” receive the Season 3 coronation of a Sunday-night premiere, right after the Judd Apatow-produced “Crashing.” This approbation only confirms what fans have known since its Vimeo days: “High Maintenance” is a brilliant show, even when its risks don’t highlight the show’s strengths. At least, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with your clothing or makeup; there's no shame in ensuring that you look great every day because that doesn't necessitate that you're difficult.

BuzzFeed Staff, UK .

Previously tethered to his bike, The Guy acquired an RV at the end of Season 2 and is now on the road, roaming the wilds of upstate New York.

Multiply the number of bedrooms you want by $350, and that's a safe bet for a minimum range. (For example, "Newtown Square" could refer to anything in a 4 mile radius around an Acme Shopping Center. I really disagree that you lose nothing by entering the market as a player displaying poor intentions or lack of knowledge. Just don't rent from those fucking sociopathic assholes, PMC. I was just weirded out because it's PHONE NUMBERS that I'm seeing on these red-flaggy Philadelphia posts, and that seems a high-maintenance way to scam people. I most recently used Craigslist for a house share in South Philly and it wound up being a decent experience- nice house, cheap, respectful roommates. But if you’re putting up with a lot of B.S. Are all of these apartments scams or are there just a few really lazy landlords?

We figured we'd try the free option first.

2. However, this isn’t David Lynch territory; the emotional core is direct and true, often delivered as a gut punch.

And if Craigslist is absolutely overrun with scams, what rental search sites do you recommend? I was just weirded out because it's PHONE NUMBERS that I'm seeing on these red-flaggy Philadelphia posts, and that seems a high-maintenance way to scam people.

My credit union gave me a lower interest rate for using their preferred broker. Just pay attention to the surrounding areas because Philly is sketchy on a block-by-block basis.

I understand the criticism of PMC but I learned to get what I want by cultivating connections and making sure a property manager knows not to mess with me. Fairmount is just south of Girard, and I love the area near Angelinos Pizza.

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