It'll make the Caregiver start drankin! Respected as an actor but no woman was checking for Mr. Whitaker. What kind of man would want the mother of his children to suffer? She couldn't be his daughter unless his daughters looked grown when they were toddlers. Your point exactly? On GAWD don't come back. That is where I met Michael Jackson got his autograph. I don't know their reputation amongst his peers but I'm sure they whisper. Also, this is my new fav!! Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Forest Whitaker.10. I hate her fortune will go to him and his new woman, it's really sad. Went to all the parties when folks came to town. IT TAKES A HELL OF A WOMAN TO DEAL WITH A MAN THAT HAS A BUNCH OF CRUNCHY SHIT ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK ! Ptosis is the drooping or falling of the eyelid. I still strive to connect with people.”, And strive with people he does. I know one is on Wildin' Out, what happened to the other one????? What if he can prove that she's been incurring debt with an addiction? Due to this condition, his left eye cannot open fully and also gives him a lazy and contemplative look and has been termed intriguing by critics. ? I really hope she is not sick !! I just hollared. Patients can get blepharoplasty surgery to treat the drooping eye. I've dealt with plenty of Mental illness and it's a beast! Check out this help doc with more tips and ways to resolve the issues.Of course you can always contact support and we'd be happy to help! Listen! Actress and singer, Kristen Bell, has a lazy eye. Ultimately, they MIGHT have saved a lot of money. How the hell does he sit around and allow his wife to waste away like that. We don't know anything about the inside. Ptosis is also known as lazy eye. For example, wearing glasses featuring a crutch may be prescribed to help in holding up the eyelid, thus correcting the uneven cornea curve that affects your vision. It just is. Pleased to meet you. Now that old no good rascal got some woman laying up in Mrs. Smith's house reaping the benefits of her hard work, smh. His wife is not biracial. If I decided to practice, I wouldn’t hide it either. He stressed that if he ever had the surgery, it wouldn’t be because he wanted to enhance his looks but because the ptosis slightly impairs his vision in the left eye. Please make me smart about Whitaker having moved on some time ago. BDO understands that the uniqueness of Black culture - our heritage and our traditions - plays a role in our health. Let it get too his head. Once that happens, it's a rap. couldn't you find a better file photo. The Texas native is a well known actor and producer, but is most notorious for his eyes. The drooping can affect either the upper or the lower eyelid. I really liked it, and I need for Tom, AKA Ramsey (from if loving you is wrong on OWN), aka, whatever his name was in moonlight, to let me use his face as a pillow for like 5 minutes. What is wrong with actor Forest Whitaker’s left eye? Horner syndrome can also contribute to ptosis. What type of profession do you work in that you get to meet all these neat people...cameras, makeup..? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! It's a drooping of the eyelid caused by a weakening of the muscles used to raise the eyelid - the levator and Muller's muscles. They take vacations, go to the movies, shop for groceries, laugh out loud, and, yes, deal with the same issues we do – including eye health issues. Got it in a frame to this day. A combination of factors affecting nerves, muscle, and eyelid skin may lead to this condition. Yea, they were married hella years and she probably was a kept woman but what if the divorce was her fault? But Sammy didn't care who knew he was into it. Why should they stay together if nothing aint at home. This is a hot mess n everybody is going on utube 2 tell their side of the story. Whenever I think about leaving I think about the movie Temptation and then I say to myself...I’ll keep my little nerd. The women who are working along with their husband working are the ones who have backbone. What if he dont want 2 keep u. Luv is a 2 way street. Thought it was just me. They ALWAYS get the most scraggly, homely, ran down lookin' yt woman they can find, don't they? He is so wrong for this sh!t! You truly never know what goes on behind closed doors. This condition may also result from a serious health disorders, including brain tumors, stroke, and cancer of the muscles and nerves. Honestly, his wife looks like she has been going through some thangs for quite some time now. I used to watch her show on television. I thought they divorced along time ago, was Larry Fishburne that divorce his wife?! Right, get they asses, sit'em up straight, teach'em how to chew with their mouth closed and string along a complete sentence and they try and bail. I signed up to a gym i don't even bother with. True., Omg found soooo many of these the other day!!! Everytime she signed off she would say "Bye Dan". She has suffered with an eating disorder for YEARS. Married stay at home wives/mothers have excellent self esteem. Wtf you mean, how the hell do you make someone eat?

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