Chasers working on steel dies are exposed to machine oils and greases with their attendant dermatitis hazards, as well as to strong nitric acid in etching portions of the job. I’m going to be taking on class on this topic but, for now, here’s what I know about chasing steel. I did find that Amazon is in India and found several books on the subject but, no chasing tools on Amazon. #3 –  I like German red pitch. You can cut yourself on chasing tools and sharp metal edges. The alternative to pressing gold sheet into a die is to work it over a design in cameo relief. Chasing steel is easiest on mild steel or low-carbon steel (.03% or lower of carbon). Sometimes, I heat my putty knife a bit to encourage the pitch to abandon the surface of the putty knife. The thickness of the wedge at the working end:  1/4 – 1/3rd of a millimeter. After hours of use, the pitch bowls start to heat up and the pitch gets too soft. This process may have to be repeated several times, as many metals harden and become brittle as they are deformed by the hammering. Anneal some thinnish copper – 26g – 24g, draw or scratch on a design and get going! You will want to coat the side of your metal, that will be in the pitch, with lip balm or oil to reduce the amount of pitch that adheres to the back. Removal of pitch from closed vessels when chasing is finished must be done very slowly and carefully to avoid an explosion with shrapnel and napalm-like pitch. Probably similar to chasing on base metals and silver. At this point most jewelers’ pitches available through the main suppliers are petroleum-based, and thus, in my opinion, suspect. Soft pitch melts at low temperatures and is great for filling hollowware as it is easy to pour. Heat and metal:  The metal is annealed often (with heat), to soften it. I did get stuck on the lining, at one point. Visit Nancy LT Hamilton Jewelry's profile on Pinterest. Usually, though, things aren’t that easy – especially with deeply repousee´d areas. I carefully monitor the pitch so that it doesn’t overflow the bowl (but, I’m not always successful!). Stick with a pine pitch and alcohols as a solvent. If you want to get good at anything, it takes time and practice so, if you don’t want to invest a year in this, don’t expect to get very good at it. The plate must then be fixed on a suitable support. The biggest hazard is burns from pitch.

Pitch Bowl; Level Surface 12 12. If you want to avoid sore hands, you should anneal the metal and practice a little each day. Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions! TransferringDesign to the Metal 9 6. The temperature of your studio will also affect the pitch. It comes with a tire for holding the bowl at varying angles. See "Fire Safety Rules" and "Fire Safety." Pitches, rosins, and petroleum products are all flammable, especially when heated, which is what one does to manipulate it. Steel will yield a sharper, thinner pattern, a stack of magazines or rubber, a deeper, more repousse-type of a mark. Of course, you will run into a shape or unusual situation where a custom punch will be necessary. Avoid complacency. When working, keep the pitch bowl at about chest height – although, I like my bowl lower than that. Sunrise Exports has jewelry tools, perhaps you could contact them. Cuttingoat Design 9 7. I love this technique and can spend all my time on it – if allowed. receive 25% off our I’ve had turquoise and reddish stains on pieces that I did not clean sufficiently. Man or god, Gundestrup Cauldron. This is one of the most common types of pitches that are available from tool suppliers in North America. Do you think it could work? Affiliate Disclosure, All rights reserved internationally. A small bowl works great until it doesn’t! If I modify the tool after it’s been hardened, do I need to do the last 2 steps over again (Annealing and tempering)? Nail sets, punches and a variety of other tools will make a pointillist-type mark. Don’t leave the pitch alone on the hot plate! Is it a method you’d recommend for a hobbyist like myself or something best left to someone who has more tools and set-up like your studio? Treat hot pitch as a very dangerous material. Using found metals is a bit of a crap shoot but, it is inexpensive and repurposing and reusing is a sound environmental practice. Spills of pitch that is too hot are a real danger-I’ve heard several bad stories.

Oh, don’t look so smug! This sort of studio set-up only happened once, and this was what convinced me, too, that rubbing vitamin E cream into the burn doesn’t help it much in terms of recovery. Because you need to drill a hole, you’ve now created a place for pickle to enter. Later, down the road, if you feel like this is a good fit for you, you might think about investing in a hotter torch for tool making BUT, for now, what you have is fine. Black pitch is sticky, gives off noxious fumes (like your dog), and leaves your hands looking less than “model ready”. What tools do you suggest to do pointillism on aluminum? If you solder on small findings first, then solder the back, there is a greater chance of melting the small findings. These fumes can also irritate your eyes and lungs, and inhaling them constantly can cause chronic lung problems (McCann, AB!

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