.why didnt he got killed?fucking bullshit. Charles had a fucked up situation he was in and maybe he should spread the message.

THEY RUINED BLACK PEOPLE, THEY DIDN'T HELP BLACK PEOPLE. Will be looking to give you a Smile/Laugh just to let You know You are Missed. (and most soldiers know him), ^^^^^^^Not to mention he not only survived he didn't snitch either Charles Cosby 100, Lots if Hispanic women are tough and rough Don't mess with Hispanic women Don't under estimate themWe are not loud and stupidU know what I mean ��;)Griselda blanco was living proofThere's more women like her or even worst in the Hispanic culture with deceiving looks hehehehe.

Charles Crosby besuchte vorbereitende Schulen und das New Lyme Institute in Ohio sowie das Allegheny College in Meadville. I don't usually comment on here or anywhere for that Matter. But IGNORANCE IS BLISS..I wont change u for this one this bit of game is free of charge fak3 plyer, I agree with you @thedoll I’m glad there are still some people with some sense.. this whole comment is the truth exactly and i don’t understand why people don’t see it!

One summer, when I was home from Spring Break, I was walking into the church as you were arriving for Bridge.

Carlos Lehder: From Humble Car Smuggler to Island Owning Billionaire Cocaine Kingpin With A Fleet Of Airplanes, How A Chance Prison Meeting Launched George Jung And Carlos Lehder's Billion Dollar Cocaine Empire, The Insane Real Life Story of George Jung – The Man Who Invented Cocaine In America…. Back then there were only landline phones. 1968 spielte er bei Jimmy Smith;[2] 1969 trat er mit Kirk auf dem Newport Jazz Festival auf.

The drug gangs in Miami were angered and wanted her gone. He's a bullshiter.

Lol boy you the police.

Finally someone who knows what they're talking about.He has FAR too much to say for himself and is clearly a snitch.

Why don't get an education you ignorant liberal... "Rich, white power government"? Griselda Blanco: Ordinary Innocent Colombian Grandmother Or Ruthless Bloodthirsty Cocaine Billionaire? Shutup. What one message do you hope gets out to the voters during this election campaign? Saint Peter opened up the gates of heaven to receive back the gift that was lent to us.

The "collateral damage" of the drug situation in America is obviously sad and unacceptable, but it's very hard to blame a dude for wanting to thrive in the only world he knows: a shitty one. Keep an eye on all of us down hear my Friend.

November 1931 in Memphis, Tennessee) ist ein US-amerikanischer Jazzmusiker (Schlagzeug).

We are sad to announce that on September 7, 2020 we had to say goodbye to Charles Crosby of Nashville, Georgia.


Please.when you are flippin hundreds of birds a day 20 million is chump change.

Charles had many friends who he loved to spend time with, he was a member of numerous veterans organizations. I look forward to you trying to sue if they use your name! You ain't shit. Be a man and call it what it is. If you have truly been a gritter, rule number is to keep your mouth shut. In addition to Sunday mornings, I remember seeing him at Bridge whenever I happened to be around on a Tuesday. Q.
Lastly, its interesting about Charles feeling like he trapped under her control. Get email updates about Charles Crosby delivered directly to your inbox. SO glad my eyes have been opened. Haha! B. I don't think all that feeling was being not just trapped by the godmother but also by the Feds.

People need to know how "snitching" doesn't really save you from jail, because when u work with the Feds they will whore your ass out and have you doing shit that you probably would wish you would have took your time. Many Blessings to the Family and Friends of the loss of Pat. Cosby the man.

Charles Cosby describe Pablo Escobar as a street punk in the documentary/film, When in reality Pablo was the head/boss of the Medellin Cartel the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of US$30 billion by the early 1990s, and approximately US$100 billion when including money that was buried in different places throughout Colombia. I really hate when people try to say the civil war wasn't about slavery! I enjoyed being able to see you at Wando and hope that you still have many happy days ahead with your son and many friends. The confederate states of America waged war on the Union because their entire economy was based on slavery and was structured in such a way that it would certainly collapse if slavery was abolished. He was a “snitch” that’s it lol smh he made the whole culter look bad.. and it seemed like he was reading a script the whole time smh.. until the end of the doc where he was seeing his friends in the “hood” where he still lived smh most ppl’s goals that are from the hood is to get out.. he just looked washed up.. i wonder how much they paid him to look like a fool even more than he already did smh. Having lost 3 of my brothers I fully understand and feel our loss.

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