Such are the hallmarks of a profession. Contact us. The CAS Student Advisement and Services Office assists undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences to plan their academic trajectory, develop goals and successfully complete their college careers. Academic Advisor Generalist: Any Major ... Career & Advising Support Specialists (CASS) Emily Dray. /

Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) offers many undergraduate major options, so we applaud your wisdom and thoughtfulness in taking the time to explore different academic pathways and gathering more information before making a decision. Neither Cass nor Rubio looks askance at command-and-control from the proverbial Commanding Heights, and in this case the duo seek what Jeremy Peters of the New York Times describes as a legislative “mandate that certain products deemed essential to the national interest – like medicine, protective equipment including masks, and materials used to build telecommunications infrastructure – are manufactured in the United States.” Oh for the days when Republicans weren’t so meddlesome! Hmm, Why Did Gretchen Whitmer Display a Sign That's Viewed as a Call to Assassinate Trump? NACADA promotes and supports quality academic advising in institutions of higher education to enhance the educational development of students. In order to view the video workshops please … Learn more about the College of Arts and Sciences many degree programs. Ask, Advising | Catalog | Tutors Hours & locations | Indeed, if Huawei can help Americans reach a 5G future sooner than American companies can, why should we care? Last Updated October 12, 2020. In some cases, states, discipline-based accrediting agencies, or regional accrediting agencies may ask for assessments of academic advising programs. Walter Rodney Seminar: "Democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo: What Are the Prospects for Real Change After the 2018 Elections? External credits and the transfer credit process, How to use and understand your degree advice or “What if” report when thinking about adding a major or minor. Most of us don’t live in Seattle or Cupertino, but we benefit from what Amazon and Apple produce for us as though each company is headquartered right next door. There are many uses but principally CAS Standards are used as a template for establishing or assessing an academic advising program on a campus or in a particular department. Copyright is not claimed as to any part of an original work prepared by a U.S. or state government officer or employee as part of that person's official duties. WATCH: Biden Surrogate Does a Tail Spin While Failing to Address Hunter Biden's Emails. Our advisors are trained to help you make the most out of your college career. Please follow the instructions below to schedule an Undeclared Advising Appointment: Any CAS undergraduate with a class year of sophomore or higher may make an appointment to talk to a “generalist” advisor to answer questions regarding: Please follow the directions below to schedule a General Advising Appointment: All incoming freshmen CAS Students will be assigned or appointed a First-Year Academic Advisor. An example of a specific domain and its achievement indicators (learning outcomes) is: Intellectual Growth: Produces personal and educational goals statement; Employs critical thinking in problem solving: Uses complex information from a variety of sources including personal experience and observation to form a decision or opinion; Obtains an degree: Applies previous understood information and concepts to a new situation or setting; Expressions appreciation for literature, the fine arts, mathematics, sciences and the social sciences. Those attempting to use the CAS Standards as a self-assessment vehicle will find that Council for the Advancement of Standards provides much assistance.

University of Rochester This means that CASS is responsible for: CASS accomplishes these responsibilities through these shared values: The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information in the university's programs and activities. 275 Park Hall Buffalo, New York 14260-4140 (716) 645-6883 Major or minor advisors will guide you toward academically relevant experiences such as research, study abroad, and/or cocurricular activities. The goal of CAS is to promote standards for various aspects of the higher education endeavor that foster student learning and development, quality assurance, and professional integrity. Academic Resources. It’s a pattern.

The mission of the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success is to assist undergraduate students in establishing, monitoring, and achieving graduation requirements.

Good. Unless producers of medicine, masks and communications gear warehouse those goods on the way to decline, their production will reach us in short order, and as though all three market goods were produced out back. This article originally appeared on RealClearMarkets. His new book is titled They're Both Wrong: A Policy Guide for America's Frustrated Independent Thinkers. While it’s wrongheaded on its face for U.S. officials to limit the sale of American-made communications technology to “China,” and Huawei more specifically, limits like this are ultimately meaningless unless U.S. tech companies cease selling their wares altogether.

NACADA provides a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas pertaining to academic advising through numerous activities and publications.

Students can find additional information in the Undergraduate Student Guide and Graduate & Professional Student Guide. Your generosity ensures that today’s students enjoy opportunities that are continually expanding. All Rights Reserved. These standards often serve as the primary mechanism to attain acceptable standards of practice or to self assess either for self-initiated improvement or to meet requirements for various accrediting agencies, be they discipline or regionally-based.

Monday, November 30 - All classes resume remotely for the remainder of the semester. The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is a consortium of 41 professional associations concerned with the creation and promotion of professional standards for the development, assessment, and improvement of quality student learning, programs, and services. Virgil Agnew. The CAS Standards have existed for well over a quarter of a century. e-mail:, To request and alternate format for materials found on this page contact, Using CAS Standards for Self-Assessment and Improvement, The contents of all material on this Internet site are copyrighted by the National Academic Advising Association, unless otherwise indicated.

Growth is even less complicated. Box 270402

Please contact your academic advisor directly to inquire about setting up an appointment. We are not available during observed Holidays and times when classes are not in session. Please contact your academic advisor or the department of your major directly to inquire about setting up an appointment.

Embedded in that ideal are the values we share. Copyright © Media. CAAS supports students academically through several programs and services including: academic guidance, peer tutoring, workshops, academic coaching and student-athlete peer mentoring. If medicine, masks and telecom gear are “good for the country,” then the policy theorist and senator needn’t worry about legislating their existence. Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (M–F) 'Prosecutor' Rudy Guiliani Details Devastating Case Against 'Biden Crime Family', They're Both Wrong: A Policy Guide for America's Frustrated Independent Thinkers, The Post Just Nailed the Liberal Media's Pathetic Excuse for Protecting Joe Biden to the Wall, Twitter Censors Top Coronavirus Task Force Adviser, Mexican restaurant in Iowa: “No Love, No Tacos”, Evidence In the Biden Scandal Keeps Adding up, While Biden and His People Evade Questions, CCPA - Do not sell my personal information, Oren Cass Is Advising Marco Rubio On How To Not Be President. CAS Standards for Academic Advising Programs (AAP). Schedule adjustments for the current semester, If you have an issue and aren’t sure where to go for support/consultation, Planning for adding a second major, a minor, or the Dual Degree Program. Kansas State University It’s as simple as removing the basic governmental barriers to production placed in front of the talented like taxes, regulations, tariffs, and money that bounces around in valueless fashion. Apple iPhones can be found all over Iran even though the “United States” doesn’t trade with “Iran.”. Choose the “CAS Undeclared Advising” Appointment Type, and then choose a date and time that is available with your assigned advisor’s name only.

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