The slippers are symbols of the prince and Cinderella’s children to be. A lot of promiscuous women have faced abuse and sexual harassment and that might be the cause for the bad behavior. Even as late as 2015, Hollywood still had sufficient courage to produce the story essentially unchanged from the 1950 version, with all of these messages intact.The red pill, for women, is a glass slipper: an understanding that what they have is incredibly seductive and beautiful—but fragile and only good for a limited time. Wrong. What kind of missguided bullshit is that?

Thank you. They are usually very supportive of friends and lovers, always ready to provide a “shoulder to cry on.” The kind Virgin often makes a wonderful life partner. If you slept around before you got married, you're a whore who can't change her whoreish ways.

Most eventually settle down and become great partners. Every decision we make has a genetic undertone even though you think there isn’t one. She can do the same. It's all nice when you put it in fancy words, boosted by statistics but at the end of the day, everything I read here today only confirms that this stereotype is not going anywhere anytime soon. Taureans are great planners and are always looking ahead, ready to tackle any problems that might arise in their lives, including possible obstacles in their marriage or relationship. I couldn't be happier. Live life doing what you want everyday and you will have truly lived, for those who can't understand that your just in the way... Well i think any promiscuous person (man/woman) can be a good and faithful one provided they are honest and loyal in whatever kind of relation they have. The Cancerian is usually very nurturing and tends to take good care of everyone he cares about. I have experienced that many times. They also might not. Yea I'm going to judge him on that. Their emotional requirements must be fulfilled, and a trained psychic can help you discern how best to meet your partner’s needs, as well as your own. If I wanted to express my love and devotion to my girlfriend, id spend money doing something we'd both enjoy, that had meaning and value to us, that wasn't based in religion and that wasn't the exact same thing that countless couples have done before and will do after. There's a shortage of those around, I'm afraid. Most have very high body count.

It’s genetic and predictable in the future. Perhaps she needed to smile more often. Women with less partners report higher marriage satisfaction also (as if that's not clear from the divorce statistics), so why then would she be looking elsewhere? Dang, there's actually a woman who thinks they aren't capable of changing, that's shocking. I have moral objections with the traditions themselves as most were brought in by companies to make money. Faithful Zodiac Signs. A professional psychic can help you tame any of these “beasts,” however, by offering advice about what really makes these signs tick. evidence otherwise, and you have this idea that it's about men fearing or being uncomfortable with female sexuality which I don't think it is at all, so it must all be a lie right? Why don't we ask whether a man who was once promiscuous can be a good and faithful husband? And they can chose to get involved or not. @88flowers Thanks, yeah I've been told that because OP doesn't agree the statistics I posted must have been created entirely by men to shame women, and that no women here agree with me. Statistically they are not competent at holding down relationships and often have major mental issues, in no small part because their mothers never taught them any better.Cinderella’s stepsisters are the daughters of the West at large: girls with no fathers physically, emotionally or spiritually present in their lives. It doesn’t mean that if your love interest’s sign is more monogamous that you can rest on your laurels and trust they’ll never cheat on you.

That’s not to say that every individual will always be faithful to any given partner. It's not unique, its not got any special meaning to that specific couple, then there is the financial aspect.Most wedding traditions today stem from advertising campaigns from companies. Men like sex with many random women, women want sex with one man, Mr. I agree with heart_beart's question, why is marriage off the table?

Also, it’s not honest because these men saying these things just want to get in your pants... None of them truly believes what they are saying. I'm sorry, let me find it, I stopped reading this thread because of that statistics crusader :D. Okay, read it. My wife was a prime example of that. That feeling is probably in our dna. How ever if she has a taste for the life style it may keep her from finding a man. This sign is often flighty and unpredictable. He settles only for a girl that he deems worthy, even if he has to turn over the whole kingdom looking for her.Men in the West have, to their disgrace, reversed this situation.

@sarahhouseWhy not? @sarahhouse If you ont mind, id like to be able to communicate withyou as i feel we have much in common and yout opinions are pretty much nice and open minded and so it would be great to talk to you and get advices too, on different things ☺ Basically, a friend from another country. What's wrong with judgement? Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? Scorpios are often the most powerful beings among the zodiac signs, and they love and seek power. Many who fall under this sign might eschew the bonds of marriage or serious relationships, seeing them as boring. @englisc When I see all thumbs down answers written by girls were given, Somehow I believe that those "statistics" were conducted by men, too. It all boils down to choices, we should stop the herd mentality, Never under estimate the power of high sex drives in men and women. The fact is that you ( not YOU you) tend to think you know inner workings of a woman's mind better than women themselves do. 1. Because the wrong choice will fuck you up six ways to Sunday and ruin your whole kingdom. Child abuse is most prevalent among the children of divorced women—and when it does occur, it’s typically at the hands of a partner not biologically related to the child.…Especially not to single mothersCinderella’s stepmother has two children of her own already, and she is never said to be a widow — implying she’s either an unmarried mother or divorced. 15 likes. It seems that the last few generations of adults are lacking common sense as well as the ability to research the things that they claim, despite being raised on the internet. Those women are rare in my opinion. This is entirely consistent with the behaviour we see from the daughters of single mothers. Usually an exciting lover, Libras tend to be trustworthy and loyal. Because I don't care about how many women a man has had sex with. Hopefully the answer I gave just before you commented gives you an idea. But if we assume that a woman has never had anyone to be faithful to, how can we automatically assume that she can't be faithful? Chances are a guy isn't going to tell me he was violent, I see your point but it's also not exactly the same thing. Guys might have a more difficult time to cheat than women but they still do it. As Cinderella mentioned, that honey attracts more than vinegar. Reasons a relationship with a Scorpio can be difficult include the Scorpion’s tendency to always thinks he’s right and that he’s not very forgiving. And I agree about 4 billion percent. Their emotional requirements must be fulfilled, and a trained psychic can help you discern how best to meet your partner’s needs, as well as your own. Selective learning, I suppose. In that case he not only should be judged but needs help. @sarahhouse what are your thoughts on my opinion? For example, I drive a nice Lamborghini because I like nice cars? It’s not safe or natural to want to do something like that because of the obvious risks people face, ESPECIALLY women (pregnancy, mental and physical abuse, increased victimization, etc.) What's the "Common" Key for Navigating Relationships? How would you react if your boyfriend purred? A question asked by one of the guys here got me involved and I couldn't help but ask the rest of you. So that she won't be remembering their cvck. 90 housesfor the poor who had to struggle to get food for even a single time. These kind of girls seem fun and interesting at first, but their lifestyle gets old fast. The Bull loves his “creature comforts” and is very sensual. Virgos are sensitive, creative and tend to be intuitive when it comes to the feelings and needs of others. Of all the 12 signs, Cancer is the most concerned with a secure, loving relationship. We hold the same opinion. @Danielle93 nah she spent her prime years on the cock riding carousel. However if a women cheats I don't think I could trust her completely which is bad for marriage.

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