Ellie, a longtime resident of the town (Alec is a newcomer) and a close friend of the Latimer family, says there could be any number of reasons that Mark’s prints are in the house. Imagine having nothing but Sharon Bishop QC’s ferocious line of enquiry to go on in the Broadchurch case. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! She asks Mark pointblank, “Did you kill Danny?” He’s outraged and asks her how she can even pose the question to him.

But let’s back up. Chloe, who’s there too, is upset and begins to defend her father. Ellie and Alec confront Mark about the fact that he was with Becca on the night in question. At this point, they’re all each other have. Judge Sharma may trust her jury to make the right call, but will we? Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Because you know the person who killed him really well.” At this, Beth cries. Karen, who’s also bunking there, stops him to ask for a progress report and a few quotes. After court a policeman approaches Hardy with the news that Lee has made a complaint against Miller saying he “imprisoned, illegally recorded, and physically attacked” him, but instead of dealing with it in a formal manner, the policeman escorts Hardy to hash it out with Lee. Karen goes all noble, saying she’s doing the story because she reported on Alec’s involvement in an earlier, highly publicized murder case that went terribly wrong. Alec and Ellie have brought Mark in to the station for questioning. Tharmim Azzid 5 years ago. I sat with them after the trial. Danny Larimer's father is under suspicion. After all, if the girl’s pendant was found in their car, either of them could be at fault. The penny dropped for me in that moment of enlightening irony when Miller called Hardy a fuckwit and reeled off the reasons that make Claire a viable suspect in the Sandbrook murders. Finding out whodunit is the focus of the 8-part series, which depicts both how the young boy’s murder affects the residents of Broadchurch, a small coastal town in Dorset, and reveals the dark secrets some of them have been keeping. She tells him their hook-up was a mistake but Mark clearly is still smitten. But, alas, even in the morning, after the birth of the little girl, Beth remains steadfast in her hatred of Ellie. Having confessed he was indeed doing the horizontal mambo with Becca on the night of his son’s death, Mark is released from police custody. Opposing counsel Jocelyn was supposed to be such a legal dynamo that several characters tried to lure her out of retirement to take this case, but there has been no evidence of this fortitude. The town of Broadchurch is bracing itself for an annual influx of holiday tourists, but 11-year-old local boy Danny Latimer is missing. 46m. 'Broadchurch' season 2 finale recap: Episode 8. Maggie Radcliffe (Carolyn Pickles), the editor of the local newspaper, is there and tells Beth that she needs to go home, that she’s not ready to return to work. Episode 3 Broadchurch Season 2. I almost wish this season was only focused on Sandbrook, because all of the emotional baggage related to Joe’s trial is a lot to bear. 46m 2015 United Kingdom Available until 31 October 2021.

When Alec questions him, Nige Carter (Joe Sims), Mark’s colleague, initially backs up Mark’s alibi about the two of them downing pints. Sign up here. “Thank you,” she responds, and then tells him he’s a “knob” (British slang for penis). Suddenly, the point of Sandbrook becomes clear: writer Chris Chibnall is showing us the same case as seen from the inside and the outside. Maybe all of these hardships are forced on Ellie to reinforce what an amazing person she is.

Beth, even in her state, doesn’t want Ellie around, though reluctantly leans on her, when Ellie demands. And now she’s the one who has no idea what her husband’s up to. Her look at Hardy while she was kissing her husband was twisted (although Hardy’s bark at her afterward was pretty funny). It’s from Danny,” he tells her. “I know, worst decision of my life.”.

“It’s blood.”. When all Beth wants to do is get away from Ellie, Agent Miller replies, “Tough shit,” and refuses to leave until Beth and the baby are safe, since asshole Mark is no doubt off with Tom again. Release year: 2013. Alec then asks about the bloodstains on the boat. Beth tells her to zip it because they can’t trust anyone and that the two of them will have to stick tightly together from now on. “You don’t say how long I spend with my wife,” Lee threatens, and then gives Claire the creepiest kiss—her eyes are turned toward Hardy as Lee’s mouth touches hers—before leaving.

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