Two studies, one in a rural western mining town and another in a dense urban population, reveal how these exposures impact health, and what can be done to reduce the risks.

12). Free K-12 standards-aligned STEM curriculum for educators everywhere. Full Professional Development Guide with appendix. His research explores simulations and games on desktop computers as well as handhelds. 12), Use data from a sample survey to estimate a population mean or proportion; develop a margin of error through the use of simulation models for random sampling. 12), Make inferences and justify conclusions from sample surveys, experiments, and observational studies Go to this unit. To fully meet the Disciplinary Core Idea and Performance Expectation, though, the teacher will need to integrate this resource with other learning activities that build students’ understanding of carbon cycling at smaller scales. Go to this unit. Do you agree with this alignment? The roles of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are implicit in the simulation, but the role of extraction and removal of fossil fuels and the role of chemical exchanges among environmental sinks are the focus of the simulation and lessons. While essential to the lives of humans and animals, freshwater only accounts for six percent of the world’s water supply. You will examine important demographic trends through a series of guided lessons. Analytical Discussion: Ask students to share the strategies they used to best meet the challenge (the fewest infected nodes in order to minimize the epidemic). 4. This is one of the many interactive labs provided by Annenberg Learner, and it is part of a course for high school teachers called, The Habitable Planet. Determine a vaccination strategy that minimizes the number of people infected by the disease. Each lesson is accompanied by guiding questions that prompt users to analyze relationships between components of the global carbon system, predict the effect of changes in those components, and propose solutions that minimize increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

The teacher can also support students in making these connections through ongoing questioning. The teacher should plan to combine this resource with other learning experiences to help students master the full Disciplinary Core Idea. The carbon cycle simulation is accompanied by three lessons that guide users through investigating the key concepts embedded in the model: the basic carbon cycle, the role of reduced emissions, and the role of feedback effects. However, students will need to engage in other activities to connect photosynthesis and respiration to the global carbon cycle. The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science. All rights Reserved. Species are being lost at a rapid rate in rainforests and coral reefs. Many forms of atmospheric pollution affect human health and the environment at levels from local to global. Earth’s Changing Climate Demographers like the US Census Bureau make population projections based on mathematical models. a project of D2L ( Copyright ©2020.
Dr. Rauchwerk Collins is committed to environmental awareness and education at all learning levels. Dr. Rauchwerk Collins has more than 25 years of experience teaching pedagogy, science, and environmental education in both traditional and non-traditional settings. She began her career as a teacher/naturalist working in a variety of day and residential environmental programs for K-12 students throughout the Northeast.

Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. Atmosphere curricular units and these again are bundled into subject areas. Many Planets, One Earth The expendable cost is the estimated cost of supplies needed for each group of students involved in the activity. on YouTube: If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. The series of lessons engage students in using a computer simulation to investigate the cycling of carbon on the global scale. Oceans cover three-quarters of the Earth's surface, but many parts of the deep oceans have yet to be explored. Professor Warren Tomkiwiecz. The Guide is written by environmental science educators and teachers and includes suggested pre and post video viewing discussion questions, lists of commonly held misconceptions about that unit’s subject, and course activities that fit the hourly requirements of most graduate level distance learning programs. (Grades The projects she has developed include Building Conservation Communities – a collaborative community-based environmental education initiative that aims to educate youth, teachers, adult mentors, and citizens about their local habitats and provide opportunities for stewardship in their communities; Merrimack River Youth Conservation Program-an initiative to build awareness for the Merrimack River Watershed by working with local conservation organizations and Haverhill Public Schools; and the Youth Environmental Leadership Program-an evaluation project aimed at high school students, their teachers, and their parents to learn what types of environmental education opportunities teens want and need in order to pursue further learning in the environmental field. This resource could serve as one in a series of learning experiences that build up to the Performance Expectation. Emerging technologies offer potential solutions to environmental problems. Do you agree with this alignment? 16. SIR model: A mathematical model of disease spreading over social networks. One strategy would be to ask students to discuss and record their answers on the downloadable data table within small groups before sharing out to the whole class for discussion and feedback. Demographers project that Earth's population will peak during the 21st century at approximately ten billion people. We are exposed to numerous chemicals every day from environmental sources such as air and water pollution, pesticides, cleaning products, and food additives. In particular, this simulation allows users to experiment with how human inputs affect the carbon cycle and the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Go to this unit. Have students each sit at a computer (or divide the class into small groups, each at a computer). Users can manipulate projected fossil fuel use, deforestation, emissions levels, and feedback caused by melting tundra. In this unit, examine the science behind global climate change and explore its potential impacts on natural ecosystems and human societies. This course asks: What makes Earth unique among planets? 12:00 PM (PDT) Details. Learn how scientists study ecosystems to predict how they may change over time and respond to human impacts. But the amount of new cultivable land that can be brought under production is limited. College or graduate students, advanced high school students, or even professional scientists may also find this course useful.

susceptible: A student capable of becoming infected by a disease (at risk). You may explore functional simulations or do field activities that are tied to the content of related units. To meet the full Performance Expectation, students should also engage in learning experiences that specifically address the role of photosynthesis and respiration in the carbon cycle.
The teacher could emphasize the importance of this practice by previewing the guiding questions before each lesson, having students work in small groups to complete the lessons and answer the guiding questions, holding class discussions at the end of each lesson, and explicitly connecting those guiding questions to the model and the system being modeled. This resource is implicitly built around the guiding question of how human activities affect the global carbon cycle, but the teacher could support student learning by making this question explicit and anchoring it with an engaging phenomenon, e.g., a news clip discussing projected fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, at the beginning of the lesson.

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