It also includes Arabian Peninsula and the Zagros mountains of Iran. This can be stated as another reason for Africa's underdevelopment. Blue Lake is 1,087 meters long with a breadth of 657 meters at its widest point. It has a height of 19,341 feet with its peak covered with snow year around. At about 30.3 million km (11.7 million square miles) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20% of its land area. Located on the southern most tip of the world’s second largest continent, South Africa is a unique mix of peoples and cultures. Brazil is the continent's largest country. Considered as the oldest inhabited territory on the earth, Africa had no nation states for a long time. Missouri river ranks fifteenth among the planet's longest rivers. Rugby is also popular sport in South Africa and in Namibia. Africa is the continent where rainbow duplicates itself over the Victoria Falls, where man and beast exist in the dense jungle. Lack of proper infrastructure also contributes a lot to poverty in Africa. Ecologically significant and extremely beautiful Congo caves stand among the most mysterious natural wonders of the world. With 1.3 billion people as of 2018, it accounts for about 16% of the world's human population.

Despite a wide range of natura… It is among the two most powerful water falls in the world. For the sixth consecutive years, Switzerland has been topping the GCI index. Daintree National Park houses one of the oldest ecosystems of the planet. According to FIFA ranking, Egypt currently has the best soccer team in Africa. Other major rivers in Africa continent include Congo River, Niger River, Zambezi, Orange River, Kasai River, Lualaba River, Senegal River, Limpopo River, and so on. This Saharan-Nile complex has always been the center of interest for the world as the slave trade was the major occupation of this region. Australia Rules Football is the most popular sport in this continent. It separates from Europe through Mediterranean Sea and Asia through Red sea. The Neanderthals arose some 200,000 years ago and inhabited regions in northern Africa and across parts … Although having a thriving population and abundant natural resources, it is still one of the most underdeveloped and poor continents. It is actually known as the Dark Continent because of its stricken masses who were suffered badly in the hand of colonialism. The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid. Its eye catching places and magnificent sights along with climatic diversity have made it premium spot for the tourists. Africa has occupied distinct place in the world's economy.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in the entire world. Yangtze River measures 6,300 kilometers in length. Furthermore, it is the last of the continents to be influenced by the western civilization. Congo River has earned the title of being the world's deepest river. Africa is not only blessed with rivers but also with lakes too. Africa is not only important due to its geographical location but also for its extensive natural resources which are playing an important role in the development of this continent. As for Africa, scientists have formerly concluded that it is the birthplace of mankind, as large numbers of human-like fossils (discovered no where else) were found on the continent, some dating back 3.5 million years. Spanning across an area of 8,515,767 km. In modern India, love marriages are gradually becoming common. It's a land where beating of drums create magnificent image in the mind, a land where we find lofty pyramids to the legendry treasure they hold is the great spot of tourism. Africa’s total land area is approximately 11,724,000 square miles (30,365,000 square km), and the continent measures about 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from north to south and … Considered as the oldest inhabited territory on the earth, Africa had no nation states for a long time. Buzkashi - goat dragging - is a famous sport of Central Asia. Europe's richest man, Amancio Ortega, has been ranked as the world's 4th wealthiest man. Despite its financial crunch, Africa continues to maintain its growth. Africa's average population is the youngest amongst all the continents; the medianage in 2012 was 19.7, when the worldwide median age was 30.4. Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia in both cases.

There are... Africa is known to be the second largest and the second most populous continent in the world. There are hundreds of small and long rivers in Africa continent, flowing through different countries. the Nile, which passes through and shares its water resources with as many as eleven different countries. The European settlers, like the Dutch, French and German, first came to the country in the 17th century. Natural wonders of Africa are spectacular, spell bound, mesmerizing and enthralling. Rome - the capital of Italy, is at the top of list of European tourist attractions.

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