Virginia – B. Russell, B. Niklaus, R. Sutton, T. Milera, A. Goals: Two Wells – M. Camplin 7, C. Edmead 5, N. Seccafien 4, M. Abdilla 4, L. Barnett 2, S. Slattery 2, B. Hart, W. Hart. United – D. Loveridge, J. Carey, T. Beard, K. Freeman, J. McArdle, S. Schreiber. Angle Vale – L. Mitchell, S. Maher, M. Paul, K. Cullen, A. Smallacombe, D. Adams. Over the course of those five decades it played in a total of 12 grand finals in various competitions, winning 8 of them. Basic Info; 3. Goals: Bute – S. Taylor 2, H. Trenorden 2, A. Over the course of those five decades it played in a total of 12 grand finals in various competitions, winning 8 of them. Virginia is a suburb on the rural outskirts of Adelaide. | Web Developed by Arrow Up Media. Two Wells – C. Edmead 3, M. Camplin 2, N. Seccafien, B. Hart, M. Knox, D. Wise, Best: Angle Vale – T. Payne, K. Cullen, S. Maher, J. Carter, J. Rathmann, B. Neale. Bute – J. Wilkins, S. Taylor, T. Sullivan, Best: Two Wells – J. Gameau, J. Humphrys, S. Smith, B. Mason, L. Franklin, M. Abdilla. Home Ground Goals: Bute – H. Trenorden 3, S. Nassif 2, R. O”Driscoll 2, B. However late majors by […] The original Virginia Football Club existed between 1908 and 1959, at which point it amalgamated with Two Wells. Goals: Mallala – T. Algar 5, B. Montgomery 4, S. Angus 3, D. Griffiths 2, I. Mcmillan, R. Seal, W. Paynter, R. Clarke. Sale, T. Drew, A. Judd, C. Robinson, J. Bezzina. In 1987 the GDFA merged with the Barossa and Light Football Association to form the Barossa Light and Gawler Football Association. The Peckers held a five-point lead after a Shane Moss goal 12 minutes into the last quarter. Mallala – R. Montgomery, W. Paynter, T. Maughan, Z. Eckermann, J. Seal, S. Angus. Two Wells Football Club Vs. Bute Football Club. United – T. Beard 3, V. Thach 2, L. Ryan, A. Ryan, J. Potts, B. Warner, S. Robertson, Best: Mallala – W. Paynter, J. Seal, R. Montgomery, B. Montgomery, D. Vanzini, S. Angus. Angle Vale – J. Rathmann 4, L. Mitchell, T. Tattoli, F. Noto, Best: United –  L. Ryan, S. Schreiber, B. Warner, R. Sharer, S. Robertson. Virginia – B. Niklaus 5, R. Rankine Jnr 2, N. Warren 2, T. Markou, R. Sutton, B. Russell, Best: Bute – J. Wilkins, H. Trenorden, M. Wutke, T. Sullivan, J. Luckett, R. O”Driscoll. Woods. Football started in Long Plains in 1920. Goals: Two Wells – C. Edmead 5, J. Gameau 3, N. Seccafien 2, M. Abdilla, M. Knox, B. Hart, S. Slattery, J. Azzurro. Hamley Bridge – A. Judd 2, C. Webster 2, S. McCabe, C. Buckby, T. Drew, T. Smith, Best: Two Wells – J. Humphrys, T. Leighton, L. Franklin, J. Thomson, B. Hart, N. Seccafien. United – T. Beard 3, V. Thach 2, P. Valle, J. McArdle, S. Quaini, Best: Mallala – J. Seal, D. Vanzini, J. Burrows, T. Algar, J. Montgomerie, W. Paynter. Angle Vale – R. Kovacic 3, L. Mackay 3, J. Rathmann 2, L. Mitchell, T. Payne, S. Maher, T. Tattoli, K. Cullen, Best: Virginia –  B. Niklaus, L. Rigney, H. Ingram, R. Rankine Jnr, T. Markou, R. Sutton. Their nickname is the Tigers and wear a black guernsey with a gold sash. Premierships were won in 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1954. Angle Vale – R. Kovacic 2, J. Rathmann, B. Neale, F. Noto, Best: Mallala – W. Paynter, J. Seal, K. Olds, T. Maughan, J. Goals: Virginia – B. Niklaus 3, R. Sutton 2, B. Russell 2, H. Ingram, M. Rankine, T. Panagiotou, R. Rankine Jnr, C. Conti, B. Rigney. Other premierships were in 1922, 1928, 1931, 1932 and 1937. Virginia – R. Howson, L. Rigney, H. Ingram, B. Rigney, T. Milera, B. Niklaus. Two Wells – C. Edmead, H. Gameau, B. Spiteri, S. Slattery, B. Hart, D. Wise. Mark, C. Conti. Angle Vale – J. Rathmann 3, M. Paul 2, R. Kovacic 2, N. Stokes, © 2018 Copyright by Country Footy. adelaide plains – begins july 11 Clubs voted to play with the season kicking off on July 11. FOR THE LATEST ON THE ADELAIDE PLAINS LEAGUE - … Sale, T. Hibburt, C. Robinson. Location Two Wells – N. Barnett, S. Slattery, J. Humphrys, C. Edmead, J. Gameau, P. Seccafien. The Rams have cast the net open for a senior A grade football coach with Denis … Grand Final at Mallala on September 26, 2020, Best: Mallala – J. Seal, B. Wilson, T. Maughan, W. Paynter, J. Birchmore, D. King. Two Wells – J. Azzurro, H. Gameau, P. Seccafien, L. Franklin, N. Seccafien, S. Slattery. Goals: United – T. Beard 5, S. Quaini 2, J. Potts, B. Sharman. In about 1922 they united with Wild Horse Plains and Windsor. Hamley Bridge – T. Drew 2, A. Judd, H. Bubner, Best: United – S. Schreiber, T. Beard, E. Pepe, K. Freeman, J. Potts, B. Angle Vale – S. Maher, T. Payne, A. Clifton, L. Mitchell, F. Noto, T. Nathan. Two Wells – N. Seccafien 2, M. Camplin 2, H. Gameau 2, J. Gameau 2, B. Hart, Best: Bute – L. McCauley, B. Goals: Two Wells – M. Camplin 4, N. Seccafien 4, M. Abdilla 3, B. Spiteri 2, P. Seccafien, J. Humphrys, J. Gameau, C. Edmead. [1] of South Australia. Home → SA → Adelaide Plains Football League → Virginia Rams Football Club. Angle Vale – L. Mitchell, M. Paul, J. Rathmann, P. Lewis, J. Carter, S. Maher. Virginia – B. Niklaus 5, M. Rankine 2, R. Rankine Jnr, T. Panagiotou, J. Holloway, J. Warrior, Best: Angle Vale – R. Kovacic, S. Blundell, L. Mitchell, T. Harris, N. Stokes, T. Tattoli. Two Wells – C. Edmead, S. Slattery, N. Barnett, B. Hart, J. Hummel, P. Binyon. Hamley Bridge – C. Webster 2, A. Judd, T. Drew, L. Connor, M. Norman, Best: Virginia – H. Ingram, B. Niklaus, B. Russell, T. Milera, R. Howson, N. Warren. Two Wells – N. Seccafien 2, J. Humphrys, S. Harnas, S. Slattery, J. Gameau, M. Abdilla, Best: Mallala – W. Paynter, J. Seal, S. Angus, J. Burrows, D. Vanzini, B. Montgomery. Hamley Bridge – B. Hook, T. Drew, H. Bubner, T. Smith, J. Whitelum, A. Judd. Goals: Angle Vale – R. Kovacic 4, J. Rathmann, K. Cullen, B. Woodward, T. Tattoli. Goals: Mallala – B. Montgomery 2, A. Bruggemann 2, B. Wilson, J. Seal, J. Burrows, J. Birchmore, D. Vanzini. Virginia – T. Milera, J. Holloway, B. Russell, R. Howson, N. Warren, L. Rigney. Hamley Bridge – T. Drew, J. Whitelum, A. Judd, B. Marshall, B. Hook, T. Hibburt.

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