Michigan gave up a couple scores late in the first half and there was a rumble of worry in the stadium when it was 21-14, but Rodriguez just threw Forcier out there and watched him march down the field for a touchdown, another touchdown, some more touchdowns, additional touchdowns, etc. On defense I am confident we will do better than expectations. Very slow developing. BG again slanting under blocks. The Bowling Green Falcons Football Schedule and Perry Stadium Seating Chart to find your seat at the game. Bowling Green's wack ground game is consistently picking up yards, like 6-8 yards.

my lucky stars I have you to stick up for me on an internet message board when someone makes a completely harmless joke about my plight. Jonas Mouton was the most productive Wolverine on the day, notching a sack, an interception, and failing to notch any Mouton brain meltdowns. Somehow he's still here. By the Mathlete's reckoning they're 95th and giving up an extra touchdown per game than a hypothetically average team would; Michigan is eighth nationally at +11. ", The collapse last year is motivation to keep working hard this year. And this isn't a chart but PROTECTION METRIC: 26/31, Dorrestein –1, Team –4. I don't really know what to tag this. Bowling Green State University. Fumbles are not a part of the run tracking.

Personally I think Shaw getting dinged is a blessing in disguise. A special section is dedicated is to One Of These Seasons Is Not Like The Other. Quick passing offenses reduce DL impact; still did well when called upon. (CA, 3, screen), The counter to the flare screen; Robinson(-2) gets confused and doesn't block the slot LB at all, which blows up the play. It's not like this is rocket science—it's a totally standard play—but I'd rather break it out against Michigan State than BG. Even there, both Michigan quarterbacks showed well. This is, No PA, just a plain old rollout that sees Shaw cut the playside DE, giving Forcier plenty of time to find Gallon yards in front of a slot LB that appears to be in man coverage. Great read by one of the BG DTs, who takes off after Omameh as soon as he feels him release. This is relevant because BG has slanted heavily and the frontside guy is shoving Omameh(-1) well into the backfield, forcing Shaw outside the tackle.

I'm not actually that mad because this is kind of a freak thing. A power look with Lewan and Schilling doubling the backside DT; Molk and Omameh double the playside DT. Fitzgerald Toussaint is "probable" this week and did dress against UMass; he and Cox should see some carries starting in the second quarter. (SCR, N/A, protection 2/2).

All that beef moving downhill means Shaw is met four yards downfield and the pile lumbers another four. My prayer vigil will continue with renewed vigor tonight. Gardner was certainly impressive downfield but on first glance seemed to make a ton of mistakes running the zone read and even when he did get some room displayed a nasty tendency to cut everything outside like he's still in high school, turning 6-8 yard gains into 2-3 yard gains. Denard hit a 30-yard corner route, Devin had two long should-have-been touchdowns, the second a beautiful touch seam, and Forcier rolled out and pulled up to hit Roundtree over the middle. At wide receiver, the usual rotation with less Terrence Robinson and more Jeremy Gallon.

RB cuts back where Kovacs(+0.5) fills quickly, causing the RB to delay and allowing Banks(+0.5) to come off a blocker and help tackle.

They are currently sporting the 92nd-best rushing defense in the land thanks to the dynamic ground attacks of Towson, Western Kentucky, and Akron. As long as he's running hard and finding the lanes, something he's done a much better job of lately, he's the #1 guy. Meh.

CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Substitution notes: You know all about the carousel of incredibly dangerous quarterbacks. A single punt returner is insufficient in an era of line-drive rugby kicks. Schilling doesn't get a seal but manages to control his guy enough that he can't make a play in the backfield. Those guys aren't likely to play unless injury strikes, however. Return of Carvin Johnson and Herron along with continued maturation of C. Gordon will allow us more flexibility. Leach played a lot in place of Gordon; Fitzgerald and Demens saw some time at linebacker but less than I expected and neither did much of anything. He's worked hard to step up. I'm going to file it TA since I think he's just getting rid of it to live another down. So now he's on a totally different vector than would otherwise be possible and there' no contain because Rogers is held and can't get outside and force it back into Cam Gordon. ...there are still those in the Michigan fan base who continue to say this program isn't headed in the right direction. Schilling(-1) could do nothing with the backside DT, who did a good job of not getting sealed and makes a diving tackle just as Smith looks to be off to the races. Have I been advocating for this publicly?

Screen coverage?

Chappell is an experienced QB. Not much, I'm afraid. Privacy Policy Barnum in.

(Cover –2.). "SMALL CHILD: "Hold me up higher so I can see Denard.". PA rollout sees a BG blitz get in Forcier's face; he pulls up and nails a comeback route to Stonum. Saw Long once last year on the sidelines. I don't know; Rogers is looking at the QB but hops up on the curl, leaving T. Gordon chasing a WR on an out that he lined up inside of. In reply to I may have to check my by chitownblue2, In reply to Conventional nuclear = by Nickel, In reply to well aren't I an ass. We look at each game like it's the most important game of the season.

On the last series before Michigan sent in the backups, Barnum replaced Schilling at left guard. Cam gets a -2 for fighting to the ball too much when he had the other Gordon, Kovacs, Ezeh, and a billion other guys; he should never have been that eager to close down the space he tried to. On the frontside BG again slants under, this time getting past Molk(-2) and Omameh(-1), leaving Hopkins facing down two guys in the backfield. They're only 87th in sacks, though, and a big chunk of their success against opponent passing attacks has been those seven interceptions. Even when things break they still work. Lewan starts at LT. BG slants a bit and the backside DT gets into the A gap past Schilling; Omameh tripped and so the frontside doesn?t look to good; Smith(+1) cuts it back behind Schilling. And this isn't a chart but PROTECTION METRIC: 26/31, Dorrestein –1, Team –4. He fakes the bubble as he attempts to get to the edge but a linebacker runs him down; Molk was blocking for the handoff and the LB read keep too fast. Smart blocking, good cuts, an occasional broken tackle.

Here's Fitzgerald Toussaint's touchdown. Indiana is going to throw it all day long and I don't want to see how many times Cam Gordon can chase (but not catch) a receiver streaking towards the end zone. ub drive: 10 plays 51 yards, 03:45 ub td, 3:45. On this play one blitzes right up the middle, another heads to the backside, and there's just one guy in a big hole starting down the mobile death that is Patrick Omameh.

Lewan gives the offense more depth, Denard's added a few more items to his "not a fluke" pile, and the backup quarterbacks look solid.

Robinson reads it and pulls up on his roll, Similar to the last stretch but to the other side: playside BG DT does not get sealed and neither does the backside guy. That is 99% likely to be your '11 starting OL down to the positions: Lewan-Barnum-Molk-Omameh-Huyge. Preview: 2011. (DO, 3, protection 2/2), Gardner knows he has Grady on a linebacker and goes right to him, feathering a ball on a post route that, Zone this time; double slants to one side of the field. Shaw continues to look like the best tailback available. In his absence it looks like Bowling Green will go with more of the same, except not that good: The Wolverine Blog: How will the injury to quarterback Matt Schilz affect Bowling Green’s pass-heavy offense? Minus punt fumbles, special teams has been a strength at Michigan under RR; moving towards a rugby-aware punt return system is another way in which Michigan's current coaching staff displays their willingness to adapt on a year-to-year basis. RPS -1. Sometimes, I think we actually - I don't think he recognizes or knows the accolades."

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