This is comical and not intended in a sexual way.

A man visits the woman at work, and suggests they've been having an affair together. | At thirteen, Jenna was willing to do anything to become popular. Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and brief drug references, In one scene a woman squeezes her own breasts in an elevator with a 13 year old girl present and comments on how "great having boobs now" is. Do you believe decisions you make in your youth can profoundly affect the rest of your life, like they did for this character? By the end of their discussion, the nearly giddy girl realizes she is an attractive thirty year-old who is flirting with fame and romance while employed as an assistant editor for a thriving fashion magazine. The protagonist wears many revealing outfits throughout the movie, showing cleavage or occasionally the absence of a bra under her shirt. Plot Summary Painting her face with makeup and stuffing tissues down her shirt, Jenna is willing to do anything to be accepted into the group. A man visits the woman at work, and suggests they've been having an affair together. A 30 year old woman goes to another mans house, her intention is to just go stay with him, the man does a dance and strips down to his underwear trying to seduce her, She gets disgusted. 13 Going on 30 (released as Suddenly 30 in some countries) is a 2004 American fantasy romantic comedy film written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, directed by Gary Winick, and starring Jennifer Garner.It follows a 13-year-old girl who dreams of being popular.

"He loves you, but...." "He loves your butt." In one scene a character asks another if she has been "smoking pot, taking X or Benn down the K hole"- These are references to marijuana, Ecstasy and Ketamine. Synopsis 13 Going on 30 releases to Blu-ray Disc with the following bonus materials: - Featurettes (Making of a Teen Dream, The Making of a Teen Dream: Another Take and I Was a Teenage Geek). In one scene an adult female character is scene taking a thong/g-string out of her dresser, later on in this scene two other women are shown wearing thongs with low rise jeans (ie, whale tail). Her grown-up version is gorgeous, successful and popular but she soon realizes that the way she is at 30 is not the person she wanted to grow up to be. The love story is warm and believable, if not a classic. The young person’s guide to conquering (and saving) the world. But that bubbly “what more could I ask for” feeling slowly fizzles as the ambitious career woman discovers more about the person she has become. At the girls 13th birthday party a teen mentions about buying beer. During a mother/daughter talk about making mistakes, Jenna expresses feelings of regret, while her mom sees learning opportunities. it is over all a good movie though this is not appropite for ages under 10 beacuse of the sex talk. In one scene an older woman flirts with an underage boy, this is a brief scene which is intended to be comical. Can regrets ever be turned into learning experiences? Messages about popularity, compassion, personal values, and having integrity/being true to yourself are delivered with insight and humor. In one scene an older woman flirts with an underage boy, this is a brief scene which is intended to be comical. 13 GOING ON 30 has some goofy and slapstick humor that will work for those who want to like the movie. Taglines She kicks him between the legs and gets away. Yet, the movie really sparkles in its depiction of Matt. Although believing her amnesia may be the result of drugs or drinking, the patient man kindly fills the missing gaps in the confused woman’s memory—for auld lang syne, if for no other reason.

From her vantage point near the top of the corporate ladder, Jenna compares her past with her present, and begins to realize she may not have all she really hoped for.
The script swims in innuendo, splashes around a fair amount of mild and moderate language, as well as dabbles in party portrayals where main characters drink and smoke.

This is comical and not intended in a sexual way. Anxious to make some sense out of the situation, Jenna looks for a familiar face. Donna Gustafson has been involved with her husband Rod's work since the Parents need to know that 13 Going on 30 is a sweet romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner that will appeal to a wide range of viewers.
How did that attitude influence the choices she made over the next seventeen years? The scene is played for laughs, but he does kiss her passionately without permission and makes a comment about "rattling desk drawers last week" and her "lying on the desk and taking a memo.". An adult female character is in bed watching tv and a scene with a man kissing a woman comes on (the famous black and white beach scene From Here to Eternity, 1953), A male character states that his bosses have his "testicles in an iron vice" and that he wants the problem solved because he is "attached to his testicles.". When she discovers the in-crowd has abandoned her to her equally unpopular neighbor Matt Flamhaff (Jack Salvatore Jr.), the devastated girl makes a desperate wish. Become a member to write your own review. - A photomontage with video still gallery. A team of Cosmo-like magazine editors are reading aloud potential article topics, including ''Fifty-seven ways to have an orgasm." During her birthday party, she is humiliated by her classmates and wishes that she was 30 years old. Consequently, she is gullible enough to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, a game that involves being blindfolded and locked in a closet while an unidentified male does whatever he wants with you.

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